Scripture Verse

Why do You hide Your face, and forget our affliction and our oppression? Psalm 44:24


William F. Sherwin (1826–1888)

Words: Pa­ra­phrase of Psalm 44. Aut­hor un­known.

Music: Cut­ting Will­iam F. Sher­win (1826–1888) (🔊 pdf nwc).

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God, who om­nis­ci­ent art,
Could we from Thee de­part,
Hide aught from Thee,
Thou, Lord, would search it out,
Know all our sin and doubt,
Searching with­in, with­out,
Our sec­rets see.

Sorely op­pressed are we,
Naught but af­flict­ion see,
O Lord, awake!
Lord, from Thy sleep arise,
No long­er close Thine eyes;
See how we are des­pised,
All for Thy sake.

Humbled un­to the dust,
In Thee alone we trust;
Thy love we plead.
Refuge in Thee to take,
Lord, for Thy mer­cy’s sake,
Our hum­ble plea we make:
Thy help we need.