Thy will be done.@Matthew 6:10
Charles H. Gabriel (1856–1932)

Fred Woodrow, in Radiant Songs, edited by John R. Sweney, William J. Kirkpatrick & Henry L. Gilmour (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: John J. Hood, 1891) page 143.

Chiang Mai Charles H. Gabriel (🔊 pdf nwc).

Use me, O my gracious Savior,
Use me, Lord, as pleaseth Thee;
Nothing done for Thee so lowly,
But is great enough for me.


Use me, use me,
Use me as it pleaseth Thee;
Use me, use me,
Use me as it pleaseth Thee.

Be it noon or be it midnight,
Weary watch or blaze of day,
Shouting with the happy reapers,
Toiling in the hidden way.


Pride of will and lust of station,
Lord, I would from all be free;
And the only honor seeking,
Lord, to be of use to Thee.