19th Century
  1. Can You Doubt Him?
  2. As a Mother’s Love
  3. Astray, Astray, Out in the Night
  4. Can I Be Silent, When I Know
  5. Come, Thou Spirit of the Promise
  6. Cross of Jesus, Blessed Symbol
  7. Follow Christ Where He May Lead You
  8. Going in the Blessed Haven
  9. He Is Coming
  10. He Stood Beside His Mother’s Grave
  11. Heave the Anchor
  12. I Hear the Billows Breaking
  13. If in This World I Have No Place
  14. In Thy Presence I Am Living
  15. Just Beyond the River
  16. Light, O Light Divine and Kindly
  17. Lord Has Drawn His Mighty Sword, The
  18. Lord, I Trust Thee When My Spirit
  19. My Heart Was Sore with Sin and Care
  20. My Home Is o’er the Jordan
  21. Never Mind Who Reaps the Grain
  22. O Thou Shelter from the Tempest
  23. O Ye Children of the Father
  24. O’er the Hilltop See It Shining
  25. O’er the Ocean Dark
  26. On the Heavenly Way
  27. On the Rock
  28. On Thy Sweet Promise, O My God
  29. Once Again I Want to Hear It
  30. Our Fathers Trusted in the Lord
  31. Peace of God, the Sweetest Blessing
  32. Rest in God and Still Believe Him
  33. Seek, O Sinner, Seek the Refuge
  34. Shines the Shore Light o’er the Bar
  35. Sound the Trumpet of Salvation
  36. Spread the Sail to Heavenly Breezes
  37. Star of Hope to Wanderers Weary
  38. Stop and Think, My Wayward Brother
  39. Stormy Days Will Soon Be Over
  40. Take Down the Rusty Sickle
  41. The Beautiful Gate of Mercy
  42. There Is a Face at Heaven’s Gate
  43. There Is a Land Beyond the Sea
  44. There Was No Rest for Noah’s Dove
  45. There’s a City Bright and Fair
  46. They Are Coming
  47. To Thy Kingdom, Lord, Aspiring
  48. Use Me, Savior
  49. We Are Weak, O Lord, and Feeble
  50. We May Sing of a Glorious
  51. We the Cross of Christ Must Bear
  52. When Before the Cross of Jesus
  53. When in the Light of the Pearly Gate
  54. When Thy Heart with Sin Contending
  55. Where Lies the Land Thy Bark Would Reach?