I will behold Thy face in righteousness.@Psalm 17:15
Henry L. Gilmour (1836–1920)

Ella M. Parks, in Songs of Praise and Salvation, edited by Henry L. Gilmour et al. (Christian Witness Company, 1902), number 98, alt.

Carter Lake Henry L. Gilmour, 1902 (🔊 pdf nwc).

After the earthly shadows have lifted,
And o’er the hilltops the morning I see,
Sweetest of prospects, I shall behold Him,
Jesus, the Savior of sinners like me.


When I behold Him, Christ in His beauty,
When with the ransomed His face I shall see,
O how my heart in rapture will praise Him,
Praise Him for saving a sinner like me.

Helpless He found me, lifted me to Him,
Whispered of pardon abundant and free;
Breathed He His peace o’er my sinful spirit,
Pointed my vision to Calvary’s tree.


Now in His presence, daily I’m living,
Walking by faith where mine eyes cannot see;
For He is guiding home to that city
Built for His loved ones—saved sinners like me.