Scripture Verse

Jesus…Son of David, have mercy on me. Mark 10:47


John Berridge

Words: John Ber­ridge, Si­on’s Songs (Lon­don: Vall­ance & Con­der, 1785), num­ber 52.

Music: Trent­ham Ro­bert Jack­son, in Fif­ty Sac­red Leaf­lets, 1888 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tunes:

Robert Jackson


I stand at mercy’s door,
O Lord, look on me now,
A beggar knocks, exceeding poor,
And none can help but Thou.

Through sin, born dark I was,
Nor carèd for the light,
All knowledge of Thy truth and grace,
Was banished from my sight.

Exceeding lame beside,
A cripple from my birth,
And need a crutch, as well a guide,
To help my ankles forth.

A ragged soul I am,
My breast and shoulders bare,
And nothing left to hide my shame,
But fig leaves here and there.

With sore disease I smart,
From pain am seldom free,
It is the evil in my heart,
My father gave it me.

Lord, I have told my case,
Well known to Thee before,
Let Jesus show His lovely face,
And heal up every sore.

Mine eyes with salve anoint,
That I may see Thy light;
And strengthen every tottering joint,
That I may walk upright.

My naked soul array
In Thy own righteousness;
And let Thy precious blood convey
The pledge of heav’nly peace.

My evil, Thou dost know,
Torments my bosom much,
But let the King of Israel show,
He cures it with a touch.

Some manna also bring
To feast my pilgrim days,
And Thou shalt hear a beggar sing,
And shout forth Jesus’ praise.