March 1, 1716, Kingston, Nottinghamshire, England.

January 22, 1793, Everton, Bedfordshire, England.

St. Mary churchyard, Everton, England.

Old Everton.


Berridge was educated at Clare Hall, Cambridge. In 1749 he was ordained as Curate to the parish of Stapleford, near Cambridge. In 1755 he was transferred to the vicarage of Everton, where he spent the rest of his life. His works include:

Sion’s Songs contained 342 hymns, some of which had previously appeared in the Gospel Magazine under the signature of Old Everton, and others were adapted from Charles Wesley.

An amusing story is told of Berridge while on a visit in the North of England. Stopping at a village where he must needs stay over the Sabbath, he requested the proprietor of the inn to let the parson of the parish know that there was a clergyman stopping with him who would gladly assist at the service on the morrow.

In reply to this statement, the cautious shepherd remarked to the landlord, We must be careful, for you know there are many of those wandering Methodist preachers about. What sort of man is he? Oh, it is all right, sir, was the answer, just see his nose, sir, that will tell you he is no Methodist. Well ask him to call on me in the morning, said the rector, and I shall judge for myself. At the morning call it is said, the waggish and somewhat rubicund nose disarmed prejudices and opened the way to the pulpit, where he delivered a memorable discourse.

Long, p. 63

  1. Jesus, Cast a Look on Me
  2. Means of Grace Are in My Hand, The
  3. O Happy Saints Who Dwell in Light
  4. Since Jesus Freely Did Appear