Scripture Verse

They will bring all your brothers, from all the nations, to My holy mountain in Jerusalem. Isaiah 6:20


Words: Ben­ja­min Bed­dome, 1769.

Music: Tru­ro from Psal­mo­dia Ev­an­ge­li­ca, by Tho­mas Will­iams, 1789 (🔊 pdf nwc).


Shout, for the bless­èd Je­sus reigns;
Through dist­ant lands His tri­umphs spread;
And sin­ners, freed from end­less pains,
Own Him their Sav­ior and their head.

His sons and daugh­ters from afar;
Daily at Zi­on’s gates ar­rive;
Those who were dead in sin be­fore
By so­ver­eign grace are made alive.

Oppressors bow be­neath His feet,
O’ercome by His vic­to­ri­ous pow­er;
Princes in hum­ble pos­ture wait,
And scorn­ers trem­ble and adore.

Gentiles and Jews shall Him ob­ey,
Nations re­mote their of­fer­ings bring,
And un­con­strained their homa­ge pay
To their ex­alt­ed Lord and king.

O may His con­quests still in­crease,
And ev­ery foe His arm sub­due;
While an­gels ce­le­brate His praise,
And saints His grow­ing glo­ries new.

Loud hal­le­lu­jahs to the Lamb,
From all be­low, and all above;
In lof­ty songs ex­alt His name,
In songs as last­ing as His love.