Tune NameNamed AfterUsed By
JabalpurThe In­di­an ci­ty.Our Abid­ing Home
Jacob LakeThe town on Ar­i­zo­na’s Kai­bab Plateau.Teach Us, Lord, to Love Thee
JacintaThrough the Val­ley
Jackson [By­zan­ti­um]Composer Tho­mas Jack­son.Eternal Wis­dom, Thee We Praise
JacksonvilleThe Flor­i­da ci­ty.At My Re­deem­er’s Feet
JaelThe wo­man in Judges 4:21.Fill Me, Ho­ly Spir­it, Fill Me
JaénThe Span­ish ci­ty.Coming Christ, The
Jag Har En VånI Have a Friend, so Pa­tient, Kind, For­bear­ing
JaipurThe ci­ty in Ra­jas­than, In­dia.
  1. Why Sleep We, My Breth­ren?
  2. World Is Grown Old, The
JakartaThe In­do­ne­si­an ci­ty.Jesus, We Love to Meet
JalalabadThe Af­ghan city.Jesus the Sav­ior
JaliscoThe Mex­i­can state.Singing as We Jour­ney
Jama Cam­payHark! How the Bells
Jamaica BayThe bay on south­ern Long Island, New York.Shepherd of Is­ra­el
JamestownThe first per­ma­nent Eng­lish set­tle­ment in North Amer­i­ca.His Blood Is Drop­ping Down
JamisonBlest Are the Pure in Heart
JamshedpurThe In­di­an ci­ty.O Dwell with Me
JanesGod Is the Name My Soul Adores
  1. O Praise Ye the Name of Je­ho­vah
  2. Thou, Lord, Hast Dealt Well with Thy Ser­vant
JaphetNoah’s son (Gen­e­sis 10:2).With Tear­ful Eyes I Look Around
JasperThe Ca­na­di­an na­tion­al park.Little Mis­sion­a­ry (But­ter­worth), The
JavaVoice up­on the Mid­night Air, A
Jazer (Brad­bu­ry)The Bib­li­cal town in Gi­le­ad (Num­bers 32:1).
  1. Lord, Our Lord, How Rich His Grace!, The
  2. Ye Hearts with Youth­ful Vig­or Warm
Jazer (To­zer)Thou Son of God, Whose Flam­ing Eyes
Jeboult [St. Ma­ry Mag­da­lene]Forgive Them, O My Fa­ther
Jefferson Ci­tyThe ca­pi­tal of Mis­sou­ri.Keep Your Eyes on Je­sus
Jefferson StreetChrist the Con­quer­ing King
JefferyComposer Frank Jef­fe­ry.Our God Is in the Sun­shine Gay
Jeg vil mig Herr­en loveO How Shall I Re­ceive Thee?
JejuniaGood It Is to Keep the Fast
JennerFor Thee, O Dear, Dear Coun­try
JeremiahDiz O Sen­hor
JeromeSee Au­gus­ta
Jersey Ci­tyThe New Jer­sey ci­ty.Last Com­mand, The
Jerusalem (Gros­ve­nor)Why Should the Dread of Sin­ful Man
Jerusalem (Par­ry)Jerusalem
Jerusalem (Prae­tor­i­us) [Mel­chi­or]
  1. Jerusalem, Thou Ci­ty Built on High!
  2. Jerusalem, Thou Ci­ty Fair and High
Jerusalem (Pur­day)Jerusalem, Je­ru­sa­lem
Jerusalem (Stain­er)We Sing the Glo­ri­ous Con­quest
Jerusalem (Sta­ni­forth)

O Lord, My Best De­sire Ful­fill

Jerusalem, AriseJerusalem, Arise
Jervaulx Ab­beySaints of God! Their Con­flict Past, The
JeshurunPoetic name for Is­ra­el used in the He­brew Bible.None Is Like Je­shu­run’s God
JesseRod of the Root of Jes­se
Jesu Co­ro­naFast, as Taught by Ho­ly Lore, The
Jesu Der Du Meine SeeleGerman for Je­sus, You are my soul.Jesu! Who in Sor­row Dy­ing
Jesu Di­lec­tis­si­meLatin for be­loved Je­sus.I Could Not Do With­out Thee
Jesu Dul­cis Mem­or­iaLatin for sweet mem­o­ry of Je­sus.Jesu, the Vir­gins’ Crown
Jesu, Je­su, Du Mein Hirt
  1. Bread of Hea­ven, on Thee We Feed
  2. God the Fa­ther, God the Son
  3. Quiet, Lord My Fro­ward Heart
Jesu Kreuz, Leid­en und Pein
  1. Jesu! Be Thy Suf­fer­ing Love
  2. Jesus, I Will Pon­der Now
Jesu, Ma­gis­ter BoneO Thou, Be­fore Whose Pre­sence
Jesu, Meine Freude
  1. Jesus, Price­less Trea­sure
  2. Now Be­hold Him Dy­ing
Jesu, Meine Zu­ver­sichtWelcome God and Ma­ry’s Son
Jesu, Mein­es Le­bens Le­ben
  1. Christ, the Life of All the Liv­ing
  2. Jesu! Life! The Life of Hea­ven
Jesu Re­demp­tor Om­ni­um
  1. Give Heed, My Heart
  2. Winter in His Heart of Gloom
Jesu Re­demp­tor Sae­cu­liLamb’s High Ban­quet We Await, The
Jesulein Süss
  1. O Je­su­lein Süss
  2. O Spir­it of Life
Jesus Allt Mitt Go­da ÄrRise, O Sa­lem, Rise and Shine
Jesus Chris­tusJesus Christ, Our Bless­èd Sav­ior
Jesus, HearJesus, Hear My Hum­ble Plead­ing
Jesus, I ComeOut of My Bon­dage, Sor­row, and Night
Jesus Is Call­ingJesus Is Ten­der­ly Call­ing You Home
Jesus Is God
  1. Jesus Is God!
  2. O Lord, Thy All Dis­cern­ing Eyes
Jesus Ist das Schönste LichtSavior, Who Didst Heal­ing Give
Jesus, Je­sus, Nicht als Je­susJesus, Je­sus, On­ly Je­sus
Jesus LivesJesus Lives
Jesus, Meine Zu­ver­sichtJesus Christ, My Sure De­fense
  1. I’m Wait­ing for Thee, Lord
  2. When He Com­eth
Jesus, Thy Name I LoveJesus, Thy Name I Love
  1. God, Who Cre­at­ed Me
  2. My Je­sus, as Thou Wilt
JharkandThe In­di­an state.Hence from My Soul, Sad Thoughts, Be­gone
JiangsuThe Chi­nese pro­vince.Heaven’s Nice
JihlavaThe Cze­chi­an ci­ty.Through the Sha­dows
JoannaSee St. Den­io
JodhpurThe In­di­an ci­ty.Jesu, Who from Thy Fa­ther’s Throne
John Brown’s Bo­dy19th Cen­tu­ry Amer­i­can abo­li­tion­ist John Brown.
  1. Battle Hymn of the Re­pub­lic
  2. From Age to Age They Ga­ther
  3. My God in Whom I Trust
  4. Our Youth Are March­ing On
  5. Truth Tri­um­phant
JohannesburgThe South Af­ri­can ci­ty.Shut in with Thee
JohnstownThe Penn­syl­van­ia ci­ty.Spread the Tid­ings All Abroad
JolieFrench for pret­ty.Summer
JönköpingThe Swed­ish ci­ty.
  1. Do Thou Di­rect Thy Cha­ri­ot, Lord
JoplinThe ci­ty in Mis­sou­ri.Up, Arouse Ye
  1. In Vi­sion to His Saints God Spake
  2. Lord Is Come!, The
JosephComposer Jo­seph Barn­by.
  1. Darkly Rose the Guil­ty Morn­ing
  2. Jesus, Life and Way to Hea­ven
  1. Almighty Fram­er of the Skies
  2. As Near to Cal­va­ry I Pass
  3. Bridegroom Com­ing at Mid­night, The
  4. Fret Not Thy­self
  5. Jesus, Who Died a World to Save
  6. O Thou, the Help­less Or­phan’s Hope
  7. Sinner Se­cure, the Writ­ing See!
JoshuaDefend Us, Lord, from Ev­ery Ill
JosiahThe king of Is­ra­el (2 Kings 21:24).
  1. Great Is Our Re­deem­ing Lord
  2. Lo! The Sin-Aveng­ing Lord
JothamThe king of Is­ra­el (2 Kings 15:5).Penitent, The
JouardComposers Cal­vin & Far­el Jou­ard.Jesus, My Sav­ior, Died
Joyful PraiseSee Laz­io
Joyful SoundCleansed in Our Sav­ior’s Pre­cious Blood
JuárezThe Mex­i­can ci­ty.Heavenly Je­ru­sa­lem, The
JubaThe ci­ty in Su­dan.Blessèd Sav­ior, Ev­er Near­er
JubilateRejoice, the Lord Is King
JubileeI Hear Ten Thou­sand Voic­es Sing­ing
JudahGlory Be to God on High
Judas Mac­ca­bae­us
  1. Great God and Sav­iour
  2. Thine Is the Glo­ry
Judd StreetJesus, Lov­er of My Soul
JudeaLord Is My Shep­herd, The
JudsonSee Lux Eoi
JuldagsmorgonWhen Christ­mas Morn Is Dawn­ing
  1. Lo the Great God Will Come from High
  2. What Hath This Wretch­ed World to Give?
  3. Young Peo­ple All, At­ten­tion Give
JuneauThe Alas­kan ci­ty.Glory Be to Je­sus’ Name
JuniataSee Asleep in Je­sus
JunkinJesus, Friend of Sin­ners
JuraThe In­ner He­bri­des island.Come to the House of God
Just a WordSee Mount Me­ra­pi
Just as I AmSee Dun­stan
JyväskyläThe Fin­nish cit­y.O My Sav­ior, Hear Me