Wait for the promise of the Father.@Acts 1:4

S. A. Stanwell, in The School Hymnal, by William Rawson Stevenson (London: E. Marlborough, 1880), number 337.

Bruce anonymous, in The Hymnal (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Presbyterian Board of Publication & Sabbath-School Work, 1907), number 694 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Lord, we wait; Thy sowers wait,
Spent with bootless toil;
Sowing early, sowing late,
On a stubborn soil.

Lord, we wait; the parchèd ground
Needs the softening shower;
Let the hardened hearts around
Feel its quickening power.

Lord, we wait; the tender blade
Needs the heav’nly dew;
Shall its first fair promise fade?
O! its life renew.

Feeble faith and waning love,
Hope that scarcely lives,
Wait the influence from above
That Thy Spirit gives.

Plead we not our Father’s word?
Shall we plead in vain?
Lo! the prayer of faith is heard!
Lo! the gracious rain!