He rested on the seventh day.@Genesis 2:2
Isaac Watts (1674–1748)

Is­aac Watts, Hymns and Spir­it­u­al Songs 1707–09, Book 2, num­ber 14. The Lord’s day: or, De­light in or­din­anc­es.

Lis­bon Dan­i­el Read, 1785 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Daniel Read (1757–1836)

Welcome, sweet day of rest,
That saw the Lord arise;
Welcome to this reviving breast,
And these rejoicing eyes!

The King Himself comes near,
And feasts His saints today;
Here we may sit, and see Him here,
And love, and praise, and pray.

One day in such a place,
Where my dear God hath been,
Is sweeter than ten thousand days
Of pleasurable sin.

My willing soul would stay
In such a frame as this,
And sit and sing herself away
To everlasting bliss.