Scripture Verse

Come, Lord Jesus. Revelation 22:20


John Byrom

Words: An­toin­ette Bourignon, cir­ca 1640 (Ve­nez, Jé­sus, mon sal­u­taire). Ap­peared in her Works (Am­ster­dam, Hol­land: 1686). Trans­lated from French to Eng­lish pos­si­bly by John By­rom (1691–1763). The trans­la­tion was pub­lished in Hymns and Sac­red Po­ems, by Charles & John Wes­ley, 1739.

Julian wrote that this hymn ex­pressed her de­ter­min­a­tion to live for Christ alone, a re­so­lu­tion which she came to whilst suf­fer­ing from her fa­ther’s an­ger be­cause she re­fused to mar­ry a man whom he had cho­sen for her.

Music: Bar­thol­dy, from Num­ber 6, Book 3 of Lied­er ohne Worte, Op­us 38, by Fe­lix Men­dels­sohn, 1837 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tunes:

Felix Mendelssohn


Come, Savior, Jesus, from above!
Assist me with Thy heavenly grace;
Empty my heart of earthly love,
And for Thyself prepare the place.

O let Thy sacred presence fill,
And set my longing spirit free!
Which pants to have no other will,
But day and night to feast on Thee.

While in this region here below,
No other good will I pursue:
I’ll bid this world of noise and show,
With all its glittering snares, adieu!

That path with humble speed I’ll seek,
In which my Savior’s footsteps shine,
Nor will I hear, nor will I speak,
Of any other love but Thine.

Henceforth may no profane delight
Divide this consecrated soul;
Possess it, Thou who hast the right,
As Lord and Master of the whole.