Scripture Verse

O Lord, rebuke me not in Thine anger. Psalm 6:1


Words: Pa­ra­phrase of Psalm 6. Au­thor un­known.

Music: Bat­ty Mo­ra­vi­an tune from the cho­rale Ringe recht in Er­bau­lich­er mu­si­ka­lisch­en Chris­ten-schatz (Ba­sel, Swit­zer­land: 1745) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tune:


Lord, rebuke me not in anger,
Nor in wrath still chasten me,
Pity now and show me mercy,
Help Thou my infirmity.

I am vexed; no longer tarry,
Nor the way of anger take.
Lord, O Lord, my soul deliver,
Save me for Thy mercy’s sake.

Shall the dead Thy name remember?
Can they praise Thee from the grave?
Pity, Lord, my sad condition,
Lo, my bed with tears I lave.

I am worn and near exhausted,
Wasted now mine eye appears;
Part from me, ye adversaries,
God hath marked my falling tears.

God hath heard my supplication,
He will surely grant my plea,
Let mine enemies be routed,
Be defeated suddenly.