He is risen, as He said.@Matthew 28:6

Author unknown. Translated to English by Arthur T. Russell, Psalms and Hymns (Cambridge, England: John Deighton, 1851), number 108; in this book’s table of contents, the hymn is described as ancient.

Breslau As Hymnodus Sacer (Leipzig, Germany: 1625) (🔊 pdf nwc).

The Lord again to earth appears,
Our comforter in all our tears;
Who lately on the shameful tree
Died, wretched man from wrath to free.

The holy women spices brought,
And with the dawn their Savior sought;
To them the blessèd angels say:
Fear not, the Lord is risen today.

Bid His disciples weep no more:
This day doth Christ to them restore.

Lord, ours this paschal joy shall be;
Thanks to the blessèd Trinity.