Scripture Verse

The Master is come, and calleth for thee. John 11:28


Words: Charles Geesey, in Pre­cious Jew­els, ed­it­ed by J. H. Les­lie & R. B. Ma­haf­fey (New York: C. M. Ca­dy, 1878), page 47.

Music: Brugge R. B. Ma­haf­fey (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know Gee­sey or Ma­haf­fey’s full name, or where to get their pho­tos, would you ?


We hear Thy tender, loving voice,
Which saith Come unto Me,
That I may all your burdens bear,
And let your souls be free.


Coming, blessèd Jesus,
Coming now to Thee;
Coming, yes, we’re coming,
Thro’ Thy grace so free.

We know we’ve wandered far away,
Upon forbidden ground,
But we rejoice, O blessèd thought,
Thou may’st be always found.


Oh, wondrous love! Oh, grace divine!
That saves us from the fall;
While mercy stands, with outstretched hands,
We will accept the call.