Scripture Verse

Christ liveth in me. Galatians 2:20


Words: Mar­ga­ret E. Wins­low, 1883.

Music: Dis­ney Ja­cob F. Dis­ney, 1880 (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know where to get a good pho­to of Winslow or Disney, would you ?


I am waiting for Thy coming
To this swept and garnished heart,
Thou hast cast away its idols,
Thou art cleansing every part;
I am resting on Thy promise,
Fears and doubtings are all still;
But I’m longing for Thy coming,
All its emptiness to fill.

I am waiting for Thy coming,
Blessèd Presence from above,
For the fire from off Thine altar,
Thine abounding grace and love;
Faith’s clasp is all too chilling,
Though sure its guerdon be,
For a conscious touch I’m longing,
O Savior dear, of Thee.

I am waiting for Thy coming,
But I dare not cross Thy will,
In the twilight of Thine absence
I hold me calmly still;
As Thou willest in Thy wisdom,
When Thou willest in Thy might,
Thou wilt come, and every shadow
Be altogether light.

I am waiting for Thy coming;
Not Thy choicest gifts, but Thee,
For the loving heart cares only
Its belovèd One to see.
I list not for their harp-strings,
Nor for angel chorals pine;
No voice can still my yearnings,
O blessèd Lord, save Thine.

I have waited for Thy coming,
But my waiting was not long,
Lo! twilight turns to sunshine,
And my plaint becomes a song.
Thou hast filled Thy waiting temple,
Thy glorious face I see,
And earth is turned to Heaven,
Since Thou art come to me.