Scripture Verse

Bow down Thine ear, O Lord, hear me: for I am poor and needy. Psalm 86:1


Words: From a ma­nu­script in the Brit­ish Mu­se­um, cir­ca 1620. at­trib­ut­ed va­ri­ous­ly to Jo­seph Bry­an and Fran­cis Da­vis­on.

Music: De Pro­fun­dis Eng­lish tra­di­tion­al tune (🔊 pdf nwc).


To my hum­ble sup­pli­ca­tion,
Lord, give ear and ac­cep­ta­tion;
Save Thy ser­vant, that hath none
Help nor hope but Thee alone.

Send, O send, re­liev­ing glad­ness
To my soul op­pressed with sad­ness,
Which, from clog of earth set free,
Winged with zeal, flies up to Thee.

To Thee, rich in mer­cy’s trea­sure,
And in good­ness with­out mea­sure,
Never fail­ing help to those
Who on Thy sure help re­pose.

Heavenly tu­tor, of Thy kind­ness,
Teach my dull­ness, guide my blind­ness,
That my steps Thy paths may tread,
Which to end­less bliss do lead.