Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.@Luke 23:34

Arthur T. Russell, Psalms and Hymns (Cambridge, England: John Deighton, 1851), number 99.

Da Jesus an des Kreuzes German melody, circa 1400 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Forgive, O Father! Jesus cries;
Lord, may Thy prayer for us arise;
Cleanse us from our transgression:
Our guilt Thou knowest―Thou alone;
Accept, Lord, our confession.

Grant us ere long in paradise
On Thee to rest our joyful eyes;
This hope Thy death procurèd:
We had those dying pains deserved
Which thy great love endurèd.

Lord, by the thought of all Thy pain,
Turn us from pleasures false and vain;
Our love to Thee awaken,
O Thou for us upon the cross
Awhile of God forsaken!

When Thou in death didst bow Thine head,
Thou crièdest, It is finishèd,
The work of our salvation:
Oh who can worthily praise Thee,
Our great Propitiation!