Scripture Verse

Hear Thou in Heaven their prayer and their supplication. 1 Kings 8:45


John M. Neale

Words: From an­cient La­tin.

Music: Dodge Jos­eph P. Hol­brook, in Songs for the Sanc­tu­a­ry, ed­it­ed by Charles S. Ro­bin­son (New York: A. S. Barnes, 1868), page 422 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Joseph P. Holbrook

This cen­to, in 5 st. of 4 l. in A Se­lec­tion of Hys. De­signed as a Supp. to the Ps. & Hys. of the Presb. Church, Phi­la­del­phia [Penn­syl­van­ia], 1861, No. 356, and the Songs for the Sanc­tu­a­ry, N. Y., 1865, No. 1333, is from trs. of La­tin hymns pub. in the H. Not­ed; stan­za i. be­ing stan­za iii. of Ec­ce tem­pus ido­ne­um; stan­zas ii., iii. be­ing stan­zas iii., iv. of Je­su quad­ra­gen­ari­ae; stan­za iv. be­ing stan­za iv. of Au­di be­nig­ne Con­di­tor; and stan­za v. of Plas­ma­tor hom­i­nis De­us.…Of these trs. stan­zas i.-iv. are by Dr. [John Ma­son] Neale, and stan­za v. by anoth­er hand.

The re­sult is a most suc­cess­ful hymn for a Fast Day ser­vice, or for Lent.

Julian, p. 840


O Lord our God, with earnest care,
With contrite fast, and tear, and prayer,
And works of mercy and of love,
We pray for pardon from above.

Be present now, be present here,
And mark Thy Church’s falling tear;
And own the grief that fills her eyes,
In mourning her iniquities.

Oh, by Thy grace be pardon won,
For sins that former years have done;
And let Thy mercy guard us still,
From crimes that threaten future ill.

So mortify our every sense,
Through grace of outward abstinence,
That from each stain and spot of sin,
Our souls may keep their fast within.

O Father, that we ask be done,
Through Jesus Christ, Thine only Son;
Who, with the Holy Ghost and Thee,
Shall live and reign eternally!