Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.@Mark 16:15
Edward J. Hopkins (1818–1901)

Emily H. Miller, circa 1903. Miller wrote this hymn for a Young People’s Jubilee in connection with a missionary meeting.

Deva Edward J. Hopkins, 1888 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Emily H. Miller (1833–1913)

Tell the blessèd tidings, children of the King,
With your glad hosannas make the morning ring:
Songs of His salvation, nevermore should cease;
Crown Him with your praises, hail Him Prince of Peace!
Round His throne of triumph happy hosts attend,
His the power and glory, kingdom without end.

Tell the blessèd tidings, ye whose ears have heard;
Tell it to the captives waiting for His Word:
Tell the hungry nations, longing to be fed,
Of the living water and the heav’nly bread.
Mighty to deliver, tender Guide and Friend,
His the power and glory, kingdom without end.

Bear the blessèd tidings, over land and sea;
Lo, the morning breaketh, and the shadows flee!
Whosoever heareth, speed the news along,
Join with men and angels, in salvation’s song.
Christ the world’s Redeemer, Savior, guide and friend!
Thine the power and glory, kingdom without end!