Scripture Verse

Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us. 1 Corinthians 5:7


Words: At­trib­ut­ed to Am­brose of Mi­lan (340–397) (Ad cœ­nam Ag­ni pro­vi­di). Trans­lat­ed from La­tin to Eng­lish by Ri­chard Mant, An­cient Hymns from the Ro­man Bre­vi­a­ry (Lon­don: J. G. & F. Riv­ing­ton, 1837), num­ber 46.

Music: Duke Street at­trib­ut­ed to John Hat­ton, 1793 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Richard Mant


Now at the Lamb’s imperial feast,
In robes of snowy whiteness dressed,
The Red Sea past, high songs we sing
Of triumph to th’anointed King.

For us His charity divine
The blood-cup drank of bitter wine:
For us His limbs extended lay,
A sacrifice for love to slay.

With blood the sprinkled door posts red
Th’avenging angel sees with dread:
Apart the startled waves divide,
Pours o’er the foe the refluent tide.

Now Christ our Passover we claim:
The same the sacrifice; the same,
Pure to the pure of heart and dear,
Th’unleavened bread of truth sincere.

O Thou, true sacrifice from Heav’n,
To whom the key of hell is giv’n,
By whom the thralls of death unchained,
By whom the prize of life regained!

Victor of hell’s infernal holds,
His trophies Christ revived unfolds;
And to the heavens’ admiring gaze
The captive king of night displays.

That with delight our hearts may burn,
Lord, at Thy paschal feast’s return,
O, dead to sin, thy servants give
New born in righteousness to live.

Be the Almighty Father praised;
The Son, who from the dead was raised;
And, the full Godhead to complete,
The Holy Ghost, the Paraclete!