Sep­tem­ber 27, 1872, Spring Hill, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Sep­tem­ber 3, 1958, Wi­no­na Lake, In­di­a­na.

Oak­wood Ce­me­te­ry, War­saw, In­di­a­na.

Bentley was the son of Stanl­ey Frank Ack­ley and Ophel­ia A. Cogs­well, hus­band of Ber­tha My­ers, and broth­er of Al­fred Ack­ley.

He showed mu­sic­al tal­ent ear­ly, learn­ing the me­lo­de­on, pi­a­no, cor­o­net, clar­i­net and pic­co­lo as a boy.

After mov­ing to New York Ci­ty in 1888, he be­gan play­ing the or­gan in sev­er­al church­es.

In 1907, he joined the Bil­ly Sun­day-Ho­mer Ro­de­hea­ver ev­an­gel­ism team as sec­re­ta­ry-pi­an­ist, and trav­eled with them for eight years.

As a com­pos­er and ed­it­or with the Ro­de­hea­ver Com­pa­ny, he wrote ov­er 3,000 Gos­pel tunes.

His works inc­lude:

  1. Ackley
  2. All the Way with Je­sus
  3. Behold, He Com­eth
  4. Blessèd News
  5. By and By
  6. Coming Home
  7. Chouteau
  8. Drifting (Hew­itt)
  9. Faith Will Bring the Bless­ing
  10. Good News
  11. Hark! I Hear My Name
  12. Have You Prayed It Through?
  13. He Is Knock­ing
  14. He Rose Tri­um­phant­ly
  15. He Will Not Let Me Fall
  16. How You Will Love Him!
  17. I Am Com­ing Home
  18. I Love Je­sus
  19. I Shall Dwell For­ev­er There
  20. I Shall See the King
  21. I Walk with the King
  22. I Want Je­sus
  23. If Thou Shalt Con­fess
  24. I Would Be Like Je­sus
  25. If Your Heart Keeps Right
  26. I’ll Tell to All That God Is Love
  27. In the Ser­vice of the King
  28. Karaman
  29. Love Op­ened Wide the Door
  30. Meet Your Trou­bles with a Smile
  31. New Ro­chelle
  32. More Than These
  33. Mother’s Pray­ers Have Fol­lowed Me
  34. My Heart Keeps Right
  35. My Mo­ther
  36. Nobody Cares
  37. Once My Way Was Dark and Drea­ry
  38. Pardoning Grace
  39. Promise
  40. Repent! ’Tis the Voice of Je­sus
  41. Room for You
  42. Satisfied
  43. Shout and Sing
  44. Since the Full­ness of His Love Came In
  45. Somebody Else Needs a Bless­ing
  46. Somebody Knows
  47. Speak to Me On­ly of Je­sus
  48. Sunrise
  49. There Is Joy in Serv­ing Je­sus (1931)
  50. There’s a Rain­bow Shin­ing Some­where
  51. There Will I Fol­low Thee
  52. This My Plea
  53. Transformed
  54. Waiting for the King
  55. Wealth of All Hea­ven Is Mine, The
  56. What Can I Ask Be­side?
  57. When Je­sus Shall Ap­pear
  58. When You Know Je­sus, Too
  59. Whenever I Think of Him
  60. Where the Cross Is Lead­ing
  61. Who Will Op­en Mer­cy’s Door?