Scripture Verse

Except ye repent, ye shall…perish. Luke 13:3


Alfred H. Ackley (1887–1960)

Words: Al­fred H. Ack­ley, 1910.

Music: Bent­ley D. Ack­ley (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know where to get a bet­ter pho­to of Al­fred Ack­ley,

Bentley D. Ackley (1872–1958)


Repent! ’tis the voice of Je­sus
Now sounding in your ear;
The message of God rings loud and clear,
Now seek Him, for He is near.


Repent! and be ye saved,
Repent! and be ye saved,
Repent! and be ye saved,
Repent! and be ye saved.

Repent! while the Lord invites you;
Before the Sav­ior fall;
The wages of sin is death to all
Who heed not the Gos­pel call.


Repent! while the Ho­ly Spir­it
Is striving with your soul;
The bur­den of sin on Je­sus roll,
Surrender to His control.


Repent! for the days are flying;
The final hour draws nigh;
No pleasure have I, saith God on high,
In seeing the wicked die.


Repent! for He made atonement;
He took the sinner’s place;
O turn to the Lord, and seek His face,
And trust in His saving grace.