Scripture Verse

Cast thy bread upon the waters. Ecclesiastes 11:1


Thomas Whittemore

Words: Phe­be A. Han­a­ford, 1852.

Music: Ag­a­wam Tho­mas Whit­te­more, 1841 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Phebe A. Hanaford


Cast thy bread upon the waters,
Thinking not ’tis thrown away;
God Himself saith, thou shalt gather
It again some future day.

Cast thy bread upon the waters;
Wildly though the billows roll,
They but aid thee as thou toilest
Truth to spread from pole to pole.

As the seed, by billows floated,
To some distant island lone,
So to human souls benighted,
That thou flingest may be borne.

Cast thy bread upon the waters,
Why wilt thou still doubting stand?
Bounteous shall God send the harvest
If thou sowest with liberal hand.