Scripture Verse

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me. Matthew 25:40


Myra G. Plantz

Words: My­ra G. Plantz (1856–1914). Ap­peared post­hu­mous­ly in her Songs for Qui­et Hours (New York: Me­tho­dist Book Con­cern, 1915), pag­es 25–26.

Music: An­gel’s Sto­ry Ar­thur H. Mann, in The Me­tho­dist Sun­day School Hymn­book (Lon­don: 1881) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Arthur H. Mann


The whole wide world for Jesus,
But while we give and pray
For those in heathen darkness,
Some near us go astray.
They need the Gospel message,
The lost ones at our door;
God left them in our keeping
The outcast and the poor.

The whole wide world for Jesus,
In lands of heathen gloom,
Let some one tell the story,
Till all the deserts bloom;
But let no erring brother
Away from mercy roam,
Where God has left His children
To lead the lost ones home.

The whole wide world for Jesus;
Out where no signals burn
Some ships drift with the tempest,
And never more return;
But sadder far the wrecking
Beneath the harbor light,
Forgive us, Lord, for letting
Souls perish in our sight.

The whole wide world for Jesus;
Not long may we proclaim
To those who need the Savior
Salvation in His name.
The harvest is around us,
And we must faithful be,
If we would hear the welcome,
Ye did it unto Me.