Scripture Verse

I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in His Word do I hope. Psalm 130:5


Uzziah C. Burnap (1834–1900)

Words: An­na L. War­ing, Hymns and Me­di­ta­tions 1850.

Music: Ames­bu­ry Uz­zi­ah C. Bur­nap, 1895 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Anna L. Waring (1823–1910)


My Sav­ior, on the word of truth
In ear­nest hope I live;
I ask for all the pre­cious things
Thy bound­less love can give.
I look for many a less­er light
About my path to shine;
But chief­ly long to walk with Thee,
And on­ly trust in Thine.

In ho­ly ex­pec­ta­tion held,
Thy strength my heart shall stay,
For Thy right hand will ne­ver let
My trust be cast away.
Yea, Thou hast kept me near Thy feet,
In many a dead­ly strife,
By the strong­hold of hope in Thee,
The hope of end­less life.

Thou know­est that I am not blest
As Thou wouldst have me be,
Till all the peace and joy of faith
Possess my soul in Thee
And still I seek ’mid ma­ny fears,
With yearn­ings un­ex­pressed,
The com­forts of Thy strength­en­ing love,
Thy sooth­ing, set­tling rest.

It is not as Thou wilt with me,
Till, hum­bled in the dust;
I know no place in all my heart
Wherein to put my trust.
Until I find, O Lord, in Thee,
The Low­ly and the Meek,
That full­ness which Thy own re­deemed
Go no­where else to seek.

Then, O my Sav­ior, on my soul,
Cast down, but not dis­mayed,
Still be Thy chas­ten­ing, heal­ing hand
In ten­der, mer­cy laid.
And while I wait for all Thy joys,
My yearn­ing heart to fill,
Teach me to walk and work with Thee,
And at Thy feet sit still.