Scripture Verse

All the prophets…have likewise foretold. Acts 3:24


Words: R. Mi­chael Cul­li­nan, 1996.

Music: Ash Grove Welsh tune (🔊 pdf nwc).

R. Michael Cullinan (1937–)


On this night, most holy,
In circumstance lowly,
Unfolded the story
Which prophets foretold.
Though heav’ns could not hold Him,
Mary’s arms enfold Him,
Holding to her bosom
This Child who is God!
The virgin is nursing
This wondrous infant King—
The Word that was made flesh
Tto end our despair.
While angels adore Him,
Shepherds kneel before Him
And kings from the east
Follow after His star.

To Bethlehem hasten!
See Je­sus awaken!
The stable is glowing
With this Light of lights!
Come hear the great story
Of God’s crowning glo­ry:
The Sav­ior Incarnate—
God with us unites.
Now church bells are ringing
And Christians are singing
While off’ring their gifts
Iin devotion and love.
Your people are waiting
And anticipating
The day You return
From the heavens above.