Scripture Verse

I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined unto me, and heard my cry. Psalm 40:1


Julius C. Hare (1795–1855)

Words: Ju­li­us C. Hare, Por­tions of the Psalms in Eng­lish Verse 1839.

Music: Ab­er­deen pos­si­bly by An­drew Tait, in James Chal­mers’ un­ti­tled col­lect­ion, 1749. Me­lo­dy from Ru­di­ments of Mu­sic, by Ro­bert Brem­ner, 1756 (🔊 pdf nwc).

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Day af­ter day I sought the Lord,
And wait­ed pa­tient­ly;
Until He bent down from His throne,
And heark­ened to my cry.

He drew me from the fear­ful pit,
And from the mi­ry clay;
He placed my feet up­on a rock,
And led me in His way.

He taught my soul a new-made song,
A song of ho­ly praise,
All they who see these things, with fear
Their hopes to God shall raise.

Most bless­èd is the man whose hope
Upon the Lord re­lies;
Who fol­lows not the proud, nor those
That turn aside to lies.

O Lord, what won­ders hast Thou wrought,
All num­ber far above!
Thy thoughts to us-ward ov­er­flow
With mer­cy, grace, and love.

Show forth Thy mer­cy, gra­cious Lord;
O take it not away!
Thy lov­ing kind­ness and Thy truth,
Let them be still my stay.

For count­less sor­rows hem me round;
And my ini­qui­ties
So hold me fast, and drag me down,
I can­not raise my eyes.

My hairs in num­ber they sur­pass;
Hence is my heart dis­mayed;
Vouchsafe, O Lord, to res­cue me!
O hast­en to my aid.

Let those who seek Thee faith­ful­ly
In peace and joy abide;
Let those who love Thy grace still say,
The Lord be mag­ni­fied.

Poor am I, and in need; yet God
Care of my soul doth take.
Thou art my help; my Sav­ior Thou;
Lord, no long tar­ry­ing make.