Many shall rejoice at His birth.@Luke 1:14

Earnest Johnson, in The New Temperance Melodist, edited by Stephen Hubbard (Boston, Massachusetts: Oliver Ditson, 1839), alt.

Ashbury Heights H. A. Davis, in The Best Gospel Songs and Their Composers (Dalton, Georgia: Anthony J. Showalter, 1904), number 193 (🔊 pdf nwc).

H. A. Davis (1867–?)

Welcome, Christmas, welcome here,
Happiest season of the year;
Fires are blazing thee to great,
Families together meet;
Brothers, sisters, circle round,
Loud is gladness’ festive sound;
For our country loves to see
All her children welcome thee.

Welcome, Christmas, for thy voice
Calls upon us to rejoice;
Not with foolish, idle mirth,
Born and perishing on earth;
Far be such ungrateful thought,
Ours are blessings dearly bought;
Dearly bought, but freely given
By the Lord of earth and Heaven.

Fix we then on Christ our eye;
May we feel the Savior nigh:
May we meet around the board,
All rejoicing in the Lord:
Be the Babe of Bethlehem near;
May His love the season cheer,
And each gladdened heart and tongue
Join the angels’ Christmas song.