Heinrich Alberti


Born: June 28, 1604, Lo­ben­stein, Vogt­land, Ger­ma­ny.

Died: Oc­to­ber 6, 1651, Kö­nigs­berg, Prus­sia (now Ka­lin­in­grad, Rus­sia).


Albert at­tend­ed the Gym­na­si­um in Ge­ra, and in 1622 be­came a pu­pil of his un­cle Hein­rich Schütz in Dres­den. He then stu­died law in Leip­zig for three years.

Moving to Kö­nigs­berg in 1626, he was tra­vel­ing with an em­bas­sy to War­saw, but on the road was tak­en pris­on­er by the Swedes, and did not re­turn un­til 1628, af­ter en­dur­ing ma­ny hard­ships.

The stu­dy of law had no charm for him, and he aban­doned it on be­ing chos­en or­gan­ist of the Ca­thed­ral of Kö­nigs­berg in 1632, con­tin­uing his mu­sic­al stu­dies un­der Sto­bäus.


Albert com­posed al­most 200 piec­es, inc­lud­ing mo­tets and al­le­gor­ical dra­mas. His works were pub­lished in Mus­i­cal­ische Kürbs-Hüt­te and oth­er vol­umes, 1638–50.

He was al­so a gift­ed po­et, and wrote words for ma­ny of the songs which he set to mu­sic.




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