Scripture Verse

The Lord cometh. Jude 14


John Moultrie

Words: John Moul­trie, Psalms and Hymns 1851, alt.

Music: Ado­wa Charles H. Ga­bri­el, 1912 (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you have ac­cess to a bet­ter pho­to of Moultrie, would you ?

Charles H. Gabriel


In patient faith, till Christ shall come
To call His duteous servants home,
Our hearts and minds we keep;
Still looking for that glorious day
When heav’n and earth shall melt away
And saints awake from sleep.

And signs there be, in this late time,
Once more of hopes reviving prime,
As in redemption’s morn;
The feverish earth doth shake again,
Groaning and travailing in pain,
Till some new change be born.

With no unheedful hearts we hear
The mutterings of convulsion near,
And terror soon to be.
Hosts gathering for the final strife
Of light and darkness, death and life,
With breathless awe we see.

We know that fearful darkness soon
Shall veil the face of sun and moon,
The stars forsake their spheres;
The powers of heav’n, with fear aghast,
They tremble, quake, until at last
Christ’s sign in heav’n appears.

Then earth’s rebellious tribes shall wail,
And sinful hearts with terror fail:
While saints, despised so long,
From east and west, and south and north,
By angel trumpets summoned forth—
Raise one triumphant song.