Scripture Verse

God is love. 1 John 4:8


John Rippon

Words: Ju­li­an, page 964, states John Rip­pon is prob­ab­ly the au­thor. The Hymn and Tune Book for Use in Old School or Pri­mi­tive Bap­tist Church­es, fourth edi­tion, by Si­las H. Dur­and & P. G. Les­ter (Green­field, In­di­ana: D. H. Go­ble, 1886), num­ber 10, cre­dits Anne Steele.

Music: Ar­ling­ton Tho­mas A. Arne, 1762. Ar­ranged by Ralph Har­ris­on, 1784 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Thomas A. Arne


Amid the splendors of Thy state,
My God, Thy love appears
With the soft radiance of the moon
Among a thousand stars.

Nature through all her ample round
Thy boundless power proclaims,
And in melodious accent, speaks
The goodness of Thy names.

Thy justice, holiness, and truth,
Our solemn awe excite;
But the sweet charms of sovereign grace
O’erwhelm us with delight.

Sinai, in clouds, and smoke, and fire,
Thunders Thy dreadful name;
But Sion sings, in melting notes,
The honors of the Lamb.

In all Thy doctrine and commands,
Thy counsels and designs,
In every work Thy hands have framed,
Thy love supremely shines.

Angels and men the news proclaim,
Through earth and Heaven above,
The joyful and transporting news,
That God the Lord is love!