Scripture Verse

Why do you seek the living among the dead? Luke 24:5


Frederik H. Kaan (1929–2010)

Words: Ni­co­lás Mar­tín­ez, 1960 (Cris­to Vi­ve). Trans­lat­ed from Spa­nish to Eng­lish by Fred Kaan, 1972.

Music: Aus­tria (Hay­dn) ar­ranged by Franz J. Hay­dn, 1797, pos­sib­ly from a Croa­tian folk tune (🔊 pdf nwc).

Franz J. Haydn (1732–1809)


Christ is ris­en, Christ is liv­ing.
Dry your tears; be una­fraid.
Death and dark­ness could not hold Him,
Nor the tomb in which He lay.
Do not look among the dead for
One who lives for­ev­er­more.
Tell the world that Christ is ris­en;
Make it known He goes be­fore.

If the Lord had ne­ver ris­en,
We’d have no­thing to be­lieve.
But His pro­mise can be trust­ed:
You will live be­cause I live.
As we share the death of Ad­am,
So in Christ we live again.
Death has lost it sting and ter­ror;
Christ the Lord has come to reign.

Death has lost its old do­min­ion;
Let the world re­joice and shout!
Christ, the first­born of the liv­ing,
Gives us life and leads us out.
Let us thank our God who caus­es
Hope to spring up from the ground.
Christ is ris­en, Christ is giv­ing
Life eter­nal, life pro­found.