Scripture Verse

Thou sendest forth Thy Spirit…and Thou renewest the face of the earth. Psalm 104:30


Charles H. Gabriel (1856–1932)

Words: From The Psal­ter (Pitts­burgh, Penn­syl­van­ia: Unit­ed Pres­by­ter­ian Board of Pub­li­ca­tion, 1912), num­ber 287.

Music: As­pin­wall Charles H. Ga­bri­el, 1912 (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know where to get a bet­ter pho­to of Ga­bri­el,


Thy Spir­it, O Lord, makes life to abound;
The earth is renewed, and fruitful the ground;
To God ascribe glo­ry and wisdom and might,
Let God in His creatures for­ev­er delight.

Before the Lord’s might earth trembles and quakes,
The mountains are rent, and smoke from them breaks;
The Lord I will worship through all of my days,
Yea, while I have being my God I will praise.

Rejoicing in God, my thought shall be sweet,
While sinners depart in ruin complete;
My soul, bless Je­ho­vah, His name be adored,
Come, praise Him, ye people, and worship the Lord.