We will bless the Lord from this time forth and for evermore. Praise the Lord.@Psalm 115:18
Thomas Kelly (1769–1855)

Thomas Kelly (1769–1855).Verses 1, 2, 4 & 5 were in print by 1845, appearing in Hymns for Public Worship, 4th edition, by John Adey (London: Edward F. Gooch, 1845), number 354. Verse 3 is in Hymns on Various Passages of Scripture, 7th edition, by Thomas Kelly (Dublin, Ireland: Marcus Moses, 1853), number 220.

Apocalypse A. Mc. G., in Gospel Hymns No. 5, edited by Ira D. Sankey, James McGranahan & George C. Stebbins (Cincinnati, Ohio; New York; & Chicago, Illinois: John Church/Biglow & Main, 1887), number 131 (🔊 pdf nwc). We speculate the composer might be Addie Vickery McGranahan, wife of James McGranahan.

Come praise the Lord, exalt His name,
Our Savior and our king;
’Tis meet we should His love proclaim,
And hallelujah sing.

The theme is high, the work is sweet;
Your harps for concert string;
’Tis blessèd thus in love to meet,
And hallelujah sing.

How great, how precious is His name!
How poor the praise we bring!
His people still should own His claim,
And hallelujah sing.

Sustained by faith, and upward borne,
As if on eagle’s wing,
We praise our Lord, forget to mourn,
And hallelujah sing.

A day will come, its dawn we greet,
When Heav’n itself shall ring;
When all the saints with joy shall meet,
And hallelujah sing.