1. Advent Glory
  2. Advent Song
  3. After Awhile
  4. Again He’ll Come
  5. All Faded Is the Glowing Light
  6. All Hail the Coming Son of God
  7. All-in-All, The
  8. All Thru the Night
  9. Almighty Spirit, Now Behold
  10. Alpha, Omega
  11. And Must I Be to Judgment Brought?
  12. And Will the Judge Descend?
  13. Are You Ready? (Colburn)
  14. Are You Ready? (James)
  15. Are You Ready? (Rexford)
  16. Are You Ready? (Slaughenhaupt)
  17. Are You Ready for the Coming?
  18. Are You Ready to Meet the Bridegroom?
  19. Arise and Shine, O Zion Fair
  20. Arising from Thy Holy Place
  21. As in the Days of Haggai
  22. As the Day Breaks
  23. At Length There Dawn the Glorious Day
  24. At Midnight—A Cry
  25. At the Coming of the Bridegroom
  26. Attend, Mine Ear
  27. Awake and Watch
  28. Awake, O Zion’s Daughter
  29. Awake, Thou Guilty World, Awake
  30. Awakening, The
  31. Be Prepared
  32. Be Ready to Go
  33. Be Ready When the Bridegroom Comes
  34. Be Ye Also Ready
  35. Behold, from Realms of Light
  36. Behold He Comes!
  37. Behold, He Cometh
  38. Behold, I Come, the Savior Cries
  39. Behold the Bridegroom (Hudson)
  40. Behold the Bridegroom! (Methodius)
  41. Behold the Bridegroom (Schell)
  42. Behold, the Bridegroom Comes
  43. Behold the Bridegroom Cometh (Moultrie)
  44. Behold the Bridegroom Cometh (Root)
  45. Behold the Bridegroom Draweth Nigh
  46. Behold, the Dawn!
  47. Behold, the Day Is Come
  48. Behold the Glorious Dawning Bright
  49. Behold, the Son of God Appears
  50. Behold, These Words Are Trustworthy and True
  51. Behold, What Light Rolls Back the Sky?
  52. Bells of Eternity, The
  53. Belovèd, Now Are We
  54. Break, Day of God, Oh Break
  55. Brethren, the End Is Near
  56. Bride of the Lamb, Awake, Awake
  57. Bridegroom Comes, The
  58. Bridegroom Meets His Bride, The
  59. Bridegroom Soon Will Call Us, The
  60. By Christ Redeemed, in Christ Restored
  61. By Faith We Find the Place Above
  62. Called to the Feast
  63. Candle of Hope, The
  64. Caught Up
  65. Chariot, The
  66. Christ Is Coming (Bilhorn)
  67. Christ Is Coming (Childress)
  68. Christ Is Coming (Macomber)
  69. Christ Is Coming (Ostrom)
  70. Christ Is Coming!
  71. Christ Returneth
  72. Christ Shall Come Again, The
  73. Christ, That Ever Reigneth
  74. Church Has Waited Long, The
  75. Come in, Thou Blessèd, Honored Lord
  76. Come, King of Saints, So Long Concealed
  77. Come, Let Us Anew Our Journey Pursue
  78. Come, Let Us to the Lord Our God
  79. Come, Lord, and Tarry Not
  80. Come, Thou Conqueror of the Nations
  81. Come, Thou Desire of All Thy Saints
  82. Come, Ye Children of the Lord
  83. Comfort, Ye Ministers of Grace
  84. Coming
  85. Coming Again (Reitz)
  86. Coming Again (Thompson)
  87. Coming By and By
  88. Coming for Me
  89. Coming Judgment Day, The
  90. Coming King of Kings
  91. Coming of His Feet, The
  92. Coming of the King, The
  93. Coming of the Lord, The
  94. Coming of the Lord (Manville), The
  95. Coming of the Lord Draweth Nigh, The
  96. Crowning Day, The
  97. Darkness Long Hath Veiled the Nations
  98. Darkness Overspreads Us Here
  99. Day Is Fast Approaching, The
  100. Day Is Nigh, The
  101. Dawn Is Sprinkling in the East, The
  102. Day Is Surely Drawing Near, The
  103. Day After Armageddon, The
  104. Day of All Days, The
  105. Day of Anger, Day of Wonder
  106. Day of Anger, That Dread Day
  107. Day of Christ, The
  108. Day of God, The
  109. Day of Judgment! Day of Wonders!
  110. Day of Life
  111. Day of the Lord Is at Hand, The
  112. Day of Wrath, O Day of Mourning
  113. Day of Wrath, O Dreadful Day!
  114. Dearer Than Heaven
  115. Do You See the Hebrew Captive Kneeling?
  116. Don’t You See My Jesus Coming?
  117. Door Was Shut, The
  118. Earth to Earth, and Dust to Dust
  119. Eternal Rest
  120. Eternity Is Drawing Nigh
  121. Even So, Lord Jesus, Come
  122. Exert Thy Power
  123. Fain Would I, Lord, the Word Receive
  124. Father, When Shall All the Weary Earth
  125. Fear Not, O Zion’s Daughter
  126. Fierce Was the Storm of Wind
  127. Fly, Ye Seasons
  128. For My Sake, and the Gospel’s
  129. Friend of Sinners, Lord of Glory
  130. Gather Up, O Earth, Thy Dead
  131. Get Ready to Welcome the King!
  132. Gleams of the Golden Morning
  133. Gloomy Night Will Soon Be Past, The
  134. Glorious Day When Christ Shall Come
  135. Go Forth to Meet Him
  136. God Is Coming
  137. God of Israel Is Real, The
  138. Golden Time, The
  139. Great Archangel’s Trump, The
  140. Great Glad Day, The
  141. Great God, What Do I See and Hear?
  142. Hail Him the King of Glory
  143. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! (Francis)
  144. Hallelujah, I’ll Be There
  145. Halo Rests upon Thy Brow, A
  146. Happy Crowning Day, The
  147. Hark, a Voice Divides the Sky
  148. Hark! a Thrilling Voice Is Sounding
  149. Hark! I Hear the Angels Singing
  150. Hark! That Shout of Rapturous Joy
  151. Hark! The Cry, Behold, He Cometh
  152. Hark! the Song of Jubilee
  153. Hark! ’Tis the Watchman’s Cry
  154. Hark, What a Sound
  155. Harvest Time
  156. Hasten, Lord, That Morn of Glory
  157. Hasten, Lord, the Glorious Time
  158. Hasten, Lord, Thy Coming
  159. He Came in Weakness, Comes in Power
  160. He Comes
  161. He Comes! He Comes! the Judge Severe!
  162. He Comes! He Comes! To Judge the World
  163. He Cometh!
  164. He Is Coming (Bonar)
  165. He Is Coming (Crosby)
  166. He Is Coming (Lillenas)
  167. He Is Coming (McKee)
  168. He Is Coming Again (Bilhorn)
  169. He Is Coming Again (Camp)
  170. He Is Coming, He Is Coming
  171. He Is Coming Soon
  172. He Is Gone, a Cloud of Light
  173. He Is Near
  174. He Shall Reign o’er All the Earth
  175. He Will Gather the Wheat
  176. Hearken to the Solemn Voice
  177. Heir of the Kingdom
  178. He’ll Come Again
  179. He’ll Come and Tarry Not
  180. He’ll Come, the Judge Will Surely Come
  181. He’s Coming Back Again
  182. He’s Coming Again
  183. He’s Coming Soon
  184. High Word of God
  185. Hills of the North, Rejoice
  186. His Coming Draweth Nigh
  187. Hold Fast Till I Come
  188. Hold the Fort
  189. Holy Savior, We Adore Thee
  190. Home Coming of Our King, The
  191. Hope of the Ages, The
  192. Hope of the Coming of the Lord, The
  193. How Far from Home?
  194. How Happy Are the Little Flock
  195. How Happy Are We
  196. How Long?
  197. How Long, O Lord?
  198. How Long Shall Death, the Tyrant, Reign?
  199. How Many Years Has Man Been Driven
  200. How Shall I Meet Thee?
  201. How Sweet Are the Tidings
  202. I Am Coming Back
  203. I Am He That Liveth
  204. I Am Waiting for the Dawning
  205. I Call the World’s Redeemer Mine
  206. I Dreamed That the Great Judgment Morning
  207. I Expect to Hear the Savior Call My Name
  208. I Know That Some Day
  209. I Lift My Banner, Saith the Lord
  210. I Love His Appearing
  211. I Shall Be Glad When Jesus Comes
  212. I Shall Be Like Him (Lincoln)
  213. If Christ Should Come Tonight
  214. If He Comes
  215. If Tonight Should End the World
  216. I’ll Be Ready
  217. I’m Going to Meet Him
  218. I’m Waiting for Thee, Lord
  219. Impatient Heart, Be Still
  220. In a Moment
  221. In Hope We Lift Our Wishful, Longing Eyes
  222. In Patient Faith, Till Christ Shall Come
  223. In the Advent Light
  224. In the East Is Morning Breaking
  225. In the Great Triumphant Morning
  226. In the Morning of Joy
  227. In the Sun, and Moon, and Stars
  228. In the Twinkling of an Eye
  229. In Thy Heritage the Heathen
  230. In Us the Hope of Glory
  231. Is It the Crowning Day?
  232. Isles of the Deep, Rejoice!
  233. Jesus Came, the Heavens Adoring
  234. Jesus Comes
  235. Jesus Comes, the Judge of All
  236. Jesus, Faithful to His Word
  237. Jesus Is Coming (Pepper)
  238. Jesus Is Coming (Whittle)
  239. Jesus Is Coming Again (Harris)
  240. Jesus Is Coming Again (Staples)
  241. Jesus Is Coming Again (Strout)
  242. Jesus Is Coming Again (Washburne)
  243. Jesus Is Our Loving Shepherd
  244. Jesus, Thy Church with Longing Eyes
  245. John in Vision Saw the Day
  246. Joy! Joy! Joy!
  247. Keep on Watching
  248. King Is Coming, The
  249. King Is Coming in Glory, The
  250. King Shall Come When Morning Dawns, The
  251. Lamps Trimmed and Burning
  252. Land of Pleasure
  253. Last Dread Trump Is Sounding, The
  254. Last Great Day, The
  255. Left Behind
  256. Let All the Sons of Light
  257. Let Every Lamp Be Burning Bright
  258. Let the God of Truth and Love
  259. Lift Up, Lift Up Your Voice
  260. Lift Your Heads
  261. Lift Up Your Heads, Rejoice
  262. Light in the Eastern Sky
  263. Light of the Lonely Pilgrim’s Heart
  264. Light of Those Whose Dreary Dwelling
  265. Lion of Judah’s Tribe, Draw Near
  266. Little While, A (Crewdson)
  267. Little While, A (Whittle)
  268. Little While! Our Lord Shall Come, A
  269. Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending
  270. Lo! He Cometh (Blair)
  271. Lo! He Cometh! (Cennick)
  272. Lo, the Day, the Day of Life!
  273. Lo! the Mighty God Appearing
  274. Lo! What a Glorious Sight Appears
  275. Long upon the Mountains
  276. Look for the Way-Marks
  277. Looking for That Blessèd Hope
  278. Lord, Her Watch Thy Church Is Keeping
  279. Lord, in Love Thou Didst Receive Us
  280. Lord Is Coming, The
  281. Lord Is Coming by and by, The
  282. Lord Jesus, Come
  283. Lord of Might from Sinai’s Brow, The
  284. Lord of the Harvest, The
  285. Lord of the Harvest, Once Again
  286. Lord Shall Come, The
  287. Lord Shall Come in Dead of Night, The
  288. Lord, Thy Ransomed Church Is Waking
  289. Lord, We See the Day Approaching
  290. Lord Will Appear, The
  291. Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow, The
  292. Lord Will Come Some Day, The
  293. Lord Will Come! the Earth Shall Quake, The
  294. Meeting in the Air
  295. Message of His Coming, The
  296. ’Mid the Splendors of the Glory
  297. Midnight Cry (Crosby), The
  298. Midnight Cry (Knapp), The
  299. Mighty God, the Lord, The
  300. Millennial Dawn, The
  301. Mistful Are Our Waiting Eyes
  302. Morning Draweth Nigh, The
  303. Morning Light, The
  304. My Lord, What a Morning!
  305. Night Cometh, The
  306. Night Is Far Spent, The
  307. Night Is Now Far Spent, The
  308. No Common Vision This I See
  309. No One Knows the Day or Hour
  310. Not by Thy Mighty Hand
  311. Nothing Know We of the Season
  312. Now Let Us All Arise and Sing
  313. Now to the Lord, Who Makes Us Know
  314. O Bride of Christ, Rejoice!
  315. O Brother, Be Faithful
  316. O Day of God, Draw Nigh
  317. O Earth, Thou Shalt Not Languish
  318. O God, Mine Inmost Soul Convert
  319. O God of All Redeeming Grace
  320. O Golden Day! so Long Desired
  321. O Hasten Thine Appearing
  322. O King of Glory
  323. O North with All Thy Vales of Green
  324. O Quickly Come, Dread Judge of All
  325. O Savior! Is Thy Promise Fled?
  326. O Son of God, We Wait for Thee
  327. O the Crown
  328. O What a Day Is Coming
  329. O What a Sound Was There!
  330. O’er the Distant Mountains Breaking
  331. Oh Be Ready!
  332. Oh Wouldst Thou in Thy Glory Come
  333. On Olivet a Little Band
  334. On Thee, Great God, We Still Attend
  335. Once He Came, How Meek and Lowly
  336. Once More, O Lord, Thy Sign
  337. Onward Roll the Ages
  338. Our King Is Coming Back to Reign
  339. Our Lord Is Coming Back Again
  340. Our Lord’s Return in Glory
  341. Our Lord’s Return to Earth Again
  342. Our Savior Will Come
  343. Our Savior Will Descend Again
  344. Praise the Lord, Praise Our King
  345. Prepare the Way
  346. Prepare, Ye Saints, to Meet Your Lord
  347. Promises I Sing, The
  348. Quickly Coming
  349. Raise the Psalm: Let Earth Adoring
  350. Ready (Taylor)
  351. Redeemer of Israel
  352. Rejoice and Shout Aloud
  353. Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers
  354. Resurrection, The
  355. Resurrection Morning
  356. Return, O God of Love
  357. Return to Bless My Waiting Eyes
  358. Rise, Arise!
  359. Savior, Come, Thy Friends Are Waiting
  360. Savior! Hasten Thine Appearing
  361. Savior, Long Thy Saints Have Waited
  362. Savior Who Loves Me, The
  363. Scarce Discerning Aught Before Us
  364. See the Gold upon the Hills
  365. See the Ransomed Millions Stand
  366. See, Ye Heirs of Sure Salvation
  367. Shake Hands with Mother Again
  368. Sing We the King
  369. Sing with Joyful Acclamation
  370. Sinner, Art Thou Still Secure?
  371. Sinner, That Slumb’rest on the Brink
  372. Sinners, Attend the Dreadful Word
  373. Sleepers, Wake! the Watch Cry Pealeth
  374. Some Day (Barton)
  375. Some Sweet Day My Lord Will Come
  376. Some Sweet Morn (Marvin)
  377. Some Sweet Morn (Simpson)
  378. Song of the New Creation
  379. Soon!
  380. Soon May the Last Glad Song Arise
  381. Soon Shall We See the Glorious Morn
  382. Soon Will Our Savior from Heaven Appear
  383. Sound Ye the Trumpet Call
  384. Sower Went Forth Sowing, The
  385. Stand the Omnipotent Decree
  386. Star of Our Hope
  387. Star of the Morning
  388. Stars of the Night
  389. Surely I Come Quickly
  390. Sweet Is the Message
  391. Ten Virgins (Dickinson), The
  392. Ten Virgins (Slade), The
  393. That Awful Day Will Surely Come
  394. That Day of Wrath
  395. That Fearful Day
  396. That Glorious Day Is Coming
  397. That Great, Tremendous Day’s Approaching
  398. Then Let the Seventh Trumpet Sound
  399. There Is a Mighty Question
  400. There Is Coming on a Great Day of Rejoicing
  401. There’ll Be No Dark Valley
  402. There’s a Great Day Coming
  403. There’s a Light upon the Mountains
  404. This Is the Field
  405. This Same Jesus
  406. Thou Art Coming
  407. Thou Art Coming, O My Savior
  408. Thou God of Glorious Majesty
  409. Thou Judge of Quick and Dead
  410. Thou Plenteous Source of Light and Love
  411. Thou Shalt, O Lord, Descend
  412. Thousand Years, O Blessèd Story, A
  413. Through the Ages Saints Have Wondered
  414. Thus the Eternal Father Spake
  415. Thy Kingdom Come, O God
  416. Thy Kingdom Come, O Lord
  417. Thy Kingdom Come, on Bended Knee
  418. Till He Come
  419. Till Jesus Comes
  420. Till the Day Break
  421. Till the Day Dawn
  422. Till the Day Shall Dawn
  423. Till the Savior Comes
  424. ’Tis Almost Time for the Lord to Come
  425. ’Tis Night—But O the Joyful Morn
  426. ’Tis Sure, That Awful Time Will Come
  427. To Calvary, Lord, in Spirit Now
  428. Trim Thy Lamp
  429. Trim Your Lamps!
  430. Trim Your Lamps and Be Ready
  431. Until He Come!
  432. Until the Day Dawn
  433. Up in Heaven
  434. Upheld by Hope
  435. Wait, Patiently Wait
  436. Wait! Wait! Jesus Will Come!
  437. Waiting (Habershon)
  438. Waiting (Mace)
  439. Waiting and Watching
  440. Waiting at the Door
  441. Waiting for Thy Coming
  442. Wake, Awake, for Night Is Flying
  443. Wake, O Wake, with Tidings Thrilling
  444. Wake the Song of Jubilee
  445. Watch and Pray
  446. Watching for the Dawning
  447. Watching for the Morning
  448. Watchmen, on the Walls of Zion
  449. Watchman, Tell Me
  450. We Are Going Down the Valley
  451. We Are Watching
  452. We Have This Hope
  453. We Knelt Before Kings
  454. We Know He’s Coming
  455. We Shall Be Like Him (Gabriel)
  456. We Shall Be Like Him (Kirkland)
  457. We Shall Reign
  458. We Shall See the King
  459. We Wait for a Great and Glorious Day
  460. Welcome Sight! the Lord Descending!
  461. Welcome the Bright Millennial Day
  462. We’ll Be There
  463. We’ll Crown Him Lord of All
  464. We’ll Gather There in Glory
  465. We’ll Work Till Jesus Comes
  466. What a Gathering
  467. What a Gathering That Will Be
  468. What a Greeting
  469. What a Morning That Will Be
  470. What It if Were Today?
  471. When Came in Flesh the Incarnate Word
  472. When Christ Came Down on Earth of Old
  473. When Descending from the Sky
  474. When Each Others Face We See
  475. When God Is Seen with Men to Dwell
  476. When He Cometh
  477. When He Cometh!
  478. When Jesus Came to Earth of Old
  479. When Jesus Comes
  480. When Jesus Comes in Glory
  481. When Jesus Returns for His Own
  482. When Jesus Shall Appear
  483. When Our Lord Shall Come Again
  484. When Shall the Voice of Singing
  485. When Shall Thy Lovely Face Be Seen?
  486. When the Bridegroom Calleth
  487. When the Bridegroom Comes (Latta)
  488. When the Bridegroom Comes (Warren)
  489. When the Bridegroom Comes (Winsett)
  490. When the Bridegroom Cometh
  491. When the Gospel Race Is Run
  492. When the Hearts We Fondly Cherish
  493. When the King Comes!
  494. When the King Comes Back
  495. When the King Shall Claim His Own
  496. When the King Shall Come (Crosby)
  497. When the King Shall Come (Hilton)
  498. When Through the Whirl of Wheels
  499. When Will He Come?
  500. Whilst the Careless World Is Sleeping
  501. Who Can Declare the Day or Hour?
  502. Who Is This That Comes from Edom?
  503. Who Is This, with Garments Gory
  504. Wide o’er Earth’s Remotest Border
  505. Will Jesus Find Us Watching?
  506. Will You Be Ready To Go?
  507. Winter in His Heart of Gloom
  508. Withering as Grass Is Humankind
  509. Woe to the Men on Earth Who Dwell
  510. That Wonderful Day
  511. Work for Jesus (Thorpe)
  512. World Is Very Evil, The
  513. Ye Servants of the Lord
  514. Ye Virgin Souls, Arise
  515. Ye Waiting Souls, Arise
  516. Yonder, See the Lord Descending
  517. You Will See Your Lord A-Coming