I will come again, and receive you unto Myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.@John 14:3
John Brownlie (1857–1925)

Translated by John Brownlie, Hymns of the Russian Church (London: Humphrey Milford & Oxford University Press, 1920), page 115.

Woodworth William B. Bradbury, Mendelssohn Collection, or Third Book of Psalmody (New York: 1849) (🔊 pdf nwc).

William B. Bradbury (1816–1868)

A halo rests upon Thy brow,
O Savior of the sons of men;
For Thou art crowned a victor now—
But Thou wilt come to us again.

Thou hast a thought for those who tread
The steeps of life, and often fail;
The weak in faith lift up the head,
And in Thy strength, O Christ, prevail.

Thou art not far removed from those,
That yearn for Thee, and seek Thy grace;
Who in Thy tender love repose,
May hear Thy voice, and see Thy face—

And know the love that giveth rest,
And share its strength, and feel its glow;
As he who leaned upon Thy breast,
When Thou wert with us, long ago.

But hearts are sad, and lives are lone,
They long for Thee, who love Thee most;
E’en when Thy promised Gift they own—
The comfort of the Holy Ghost.

Thou art our faith, our hope, our love,
O Lover of the souls of men;
Bow down Thy heav’ns, and from above,
Come, blessèd Lord, to us again.