When His glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad…with exceeding joy.@1 Peter 4:13

H. B. Pi­per, in The Seed Sow­er (To­le­do, Ohio: Will­ard W. Whit­ney, 1897), num­ber 52.

A. F. My­ers (🔊 pdf nwc).

When the King shall come in glory, I’ll be there,
And the blissful home He promised I shall share;
Living on in pure delight,
Clothed in Heaven’s spotless white,
I shall sing redemption’s story in that world so fair.


Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I’ll be there!
And the glory everlasting I shall share,
While the heav’nly arches ring
With the praises of our king,
Oh, the joy to know that ever, ever I’ll be there.

When He comes with trumpet sounding thro’ the air,
And with angel voices singing I’ll be there;
Earthly splendors fade away,
In the light of that blest day,
When with glory bright surrounded, I the crown shall wear.


When He calls me to those mansions all so fair,
When His glorious robe of beauty I shall wear,
Which He bought for you and me,
With His precious blood so free,
Oh, the joy to know that ever, ever, we’ll be there.