Scripture Verse

I will come again. John 14:3


Words & Mu­sic: James H. Paint­er, in Grate­ful Praise, ed­it­ed by James H. Fill­more, Sr. (Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio: Fill­more Bro­thers, 1884), page 123 (🔊 pdf nwc).

James H. Painter (1841–1921)


O I wonder when Je­sus
Is com­ing again,
His wait­ing be­liev­ers to bless;
And ga­ther to Hea­ven
His faith­ful ones, then,
And give them sweet hea­ven­ly rest?


O, Je­sus is com­ing again!
O, Je­sus is com­ing again!
O bro­ther, re­joice! for the pro­mise is sure,
Yes, Je­sus is com­ing again.

O when will the an­gels
Their shout­ing be­gin,
When Je­sus our Sav­ior
Will come,
To con­quer for­ev­er
The king­dom of sin,
And take all His chos­en ones home?


Many loved ones will meet us
And cheer our glad souls,
Our joys will be full then, I know;
Hallelujahs will ring
When we en­ter the goal,
O Chris­tian, be rea­dy to go!


O sin­ner, de­lay not,
The time is too near,
It may be e’en now at your door;
O come to the Sav­ior,
There’s no­thing to fear,
While Je­sus is walk­ing be­fore!