Scripture Verse

At midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Matthew 25:6


Leander L. Pickett

Words: Mar­tin W. Knapp, 1897.

Music: Le­an­der L. Pick­ett (🔊 pdf nwc).

Martin W. Knapp


At midnight the summons will echo,
Awake, for the Bridegroom has come!
The wise thrill with joy at the tidings,
The foolish with terror be dumb.
Their lamps will be burning but dimly,
Give us of your oil be their prayer;
Not enough, go and buy, be the answer.
Too late, ’twill be then to prepare.


And oh, what a rapture and glory
Will thrill thro’ the heart of the Bride!
But, oh, the despair and the anguish
Of those who stand knocking outside.

Then the Bridegroom in glory descending,
Will appear with His host in the air,
And His bride fly with gladness to greet Him,
So beautiful, holy and fair.
All the saints that have died thro’ the ages,
Will ascend from their graves to the sky,
And those who on earth then are living,
Will be changed in the flash of an eye.


While the foolish are vainly inquiring,
The Bridegroom will come with a shout,
And the wise will go in to the marriage,
But the foolish, refused, be shut out.
They will plead all in vain, open to us;
No welcome will wait them within;
The Bridegroom Himself will not know them,
All stained be their garments with sin.


Have you taken the oil in your vessels?
Does the Spirit within you abide?
Are you cleansed in the blood every moment?
Are you watching and now sanctified?
Soon, too late, to prepare for the marriage,
Or ever admittance to gain;
Soon the wise will with gladness have entered,
And the foolish stand knocking in vain.