Scripture Verse

Arise, shine, for thy Light is come. Isaiah 60:1


Mary A. Lathbury

Words: Ma­ry A. Lath­bu­ry, in Gos­pel Hymns Nos. 2, by Ira D. San­key et al. (Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio: John Church, 1876).

Music: Phi­lip P. Bliss (🔊 pdf nwc).

Philip P. Bliss


Lift up, lift up thy voice with singing,
Dear land, with strength lift up thy voice!
The kingdoms of the earth are bringing
Their treasures to thy gates—Rejoice!


Arise and shine in youth immortal,
Thy Light is come, thy King appears!
Beyond the century’s swinging portal,
Breaks a new dawn—the thousand years.

And shall His flock with strife be riven?
Shall envious lines His church divide,
When He, the Lord of earth and Heaven,
Stands at the door to claim His bride?


Lift up thy gates! Bring forth oblations!
One crowned with crowns a message brings:
His Word, a sword to smite the nations;
His name—The Christ, the King of kings.


He comes! Let all the earth adore Him;
The path His human nature trod
Spreads to a royal realm before Him,
The Life of life, The Word of God!