Scripture Verse

Be…ready, for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh. Matthew 24:44


Ada R. Gibbs (1864–1905)

Words: Geor­gi­ana M. Tay­lor, 1880.

Music: Ada R. Gibbs (1864–1905) (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know where to get a bet­ter pho­to of Tay­lor,

Georgiana M. Taylor (1847–1915)


Ready! oh, are you rea­dy,
If the Lord should come today?
Are you sheltered under the sprinkled blood
That takes all sin away?
Or are you still fearing, doubting,
And lingering outside the door,
Which when once He comes will be closed to you,
If you enter not before?

Ready! oh, are you rea­dy?
Christian, this speaks to you;
For the Lord’s own child, tho’ safe, may be
Ashamed to meet Him, too.
Will He find you watching, praying,
In the day when He comes again?
Or are you asleep while others weep
For the sorrows and sins of men?

Ready! oh, are you rea­dy?
For soon He may be here;
Will He find you loyal and true to Him,
Or cowardly and full of fear?
Will He find you enduring hardness
As a faithful soldier must,
Content to tread where the Lord has led
In a life of simple trust?

Ready! oh, are you rea­dy,
When the Lord shall call away,
No idol chaining you down to earth
But rea­dy to go today?
For it may be that He is coming
Before the evening fall;
But whether at noon or midnight
Be rea­dy when He shall call.