Scripture Verse

On His head were many crowns. Revelation 19:12


Words & Mu­sic: D. Otis Teas­ley, 1902 (🔊 pdf nwc).

D. Otis Teasley


We’ll shout and sing our Redeemer’s praise,
Contending for the truth and right;
We’ll crown Him king in every heart,
And conquer in Jehovah’s might.


Crown Him, we’ll crown Him,
Crown the blessèd Savior Lord of all;
We’ll crown Him, yes, crown Him,
Crown the blessèd Savior Lord of all.

Tho’ the hosts of sin should about us camp,
We’ll shout and sing the victor’s song;
For Christ, our Savior, within us dwells,
To save and keep us from the wrong.


To Christ all power on earth is giv’n,
See now His mighty scepter’s sway;
While others dream of an age to come,
He’s reigning in our hearts today.


Soon Christ shall come with the trumpet sound,
To raise the dead from land and sea;
Then we shall meet Him in the air,
And reign with Him eternally.