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  1. All Lands, to God in Joyful Sounds
  2. All over the World
  3. All the World for Jesus (Breck)
  4. All the World for Jesus (Davis)
  5. Almighty God, Whose Only Son
  6. Almighty Lord, Whose Sovereign Right
  7. Always Near
  8. And Is the Time Approaching?
  9. And Let Our Bodies Part
  10. Angels Would Tell It
  11. Anywhere with Jesus
  12. Arise, O God, and Shine
  13. Arise in All Thy Splendor, Lord
  14. Arm These Thy Soldiers, Mighty Lord
  15. Assembled at Thy Great Command
  16. At Length There Dawns the Glorious Day
  17. Awake! Awake!
  18. Awake, Thou Spirit, Who Didst Fire
  19. Bear Them the News
  20. Behold the Expected Time Draw Near
  21. Behold with Pleasing Ecstasy
  22. Blessèd Savior, Thou Didst Suffer
  23. Bright as the Sun’s Meridian Blaze
  24. Burmah
  25. Called to Foreign Fields
  26. Captain of My Salvation, Hear!
  27. Captain of Thine Enlisted Host
  28. Captains of the Saintly Band
  29. Carry the Light
  30. Cast Thy Bread upon the Waters
  31. Christ for the World We Sing
  32. Christ the Lord Is King
  33. Christian Brother, o’er the Main
  34. Christian Flag, The
  35. Christians! The Glorious Hope Ye Know
  36. Come and See What God Is Doing
  37. Come, Kingdom of Our God
  38. Come, Labor On
  39. Come, Let Us Sing Before the Lord
  40. Come over and Help Us
  41. Comfort, Ye Ministers of Grace
  42. Coming, Coming, Yes, They Are
  43. Conflict of the Ages, The
  44. Cry, as of Pain, A
  45. Cry from Macedonia, A
  46. Cry of the Heathen, The
  47. Dawning Day at Length Appears, The
  48. Dear Children Far Away
  49. Disciples of All Nations
  50. Disposer Supreme, and Judge of the Earth
  51. Dusky Hands
  52. Dying for the Knowledge of Jesus
  53. Earth, O Lord, Is One Wide Field, The
  54. Endless Line of Splendor, An
  55. Eternal Father, Thou Hast Said
  56. Eternal God, Whose Power Upholds
  57. Far Away
  58. Far Beyond the Dark Blue Sea
  59. Father in Heaven, We Lift Our Voice to Thee
  60. Feed My Lambs
  61. Fields Are White (Peacock), The
  62. Fields Are White (Scotland), The
  63. Fling Out the Banner
  64. Flung to the Heedless Winds
  65. Follow the Gleam
  66. Follow Thou Me
  67. For My Sake, and the Gospel’s
  68. For the Whole Wide World
  69. Forward in His Name
  70. Freely, Freely, Freely
  71. From California’s Vineyards
  72. From China’s Dark Dominions
  73. From Greenland’s Icy Mountains
  74. From North and South and East and West
  75. From Ocean unto Ocean
  76. From Our Belovèd Nation
  77. Gather Us in, Thou Love That Fillest All
  78. Glorious Day Is Dawning, A
  79. Go!
  80. Go and Tell
  81. Go, and the Savior’s Grace Proclaim
  82. Go Bear the Joyful Tidings
  83. Go Evangelize the Nations
  84. Go, Favored Christians, and Proclaim
  85. Go Forth
  86. Go Forth at Christ’s Command
  87. Go, Heralds of Salvation, Forth
  88. Go, Messenger of Christ, Proclaim
  89. Go, Preach My Gospel
  90. Go Proclaim the Wondrous Story
  91. Go, Said the Voice of Heavenly Love
  92. Go, Tell the Nations Christ Is King
  93. Go Work, for the Harvest Is Near
  94. Go Work in the Vineyard
  95. Go, Ye Heralds of Salvation
  96. Go Ye into All the World
  97. Go Ye to the Land of the Cedar and Vine
  98. Go, Ye Messengers of God
  99. Go Ye, to Israel
  100. God, as We Stand Amid Your World
  101. God Is with Us
  102. God Is Working His Purpose Out
  103. God Made Me for Himself
  104. God of Grace, O Let Thy Light
  105. God of the Nations, Hear Our Call
  106. God’s Word Is Like a Flaming Sword
  107. God’s Words to Thee Are Spoken
  108. Goodly Were Thy Tents, O Israel
  109. Gospel Call (Crosby), The
  110. Gospel Is for All, The
  111. Gospel Trumpet, The
  112. Great God, the Nations of the Earth
  113. Great Jehovah, Mighty Lord
  114. Great World Task, The
  115. Hark! The Distant Isles Proclaim
  116. Hark! The Sounds of Singing
  117. Hark, the Tramp of Coming Legions
  118. Hark! What Mean Those Lamentations?
  119. Harvest Fields Are Waiting
  120. Haste Away
  121. Hasten the Time Appointed
  122. He Expecteth
  123. Head of Thy Church, Whose Spirit Fills
  124. Hear the Call
  125. Hear the Cry
  126. Hear the Wail
  127. Heathen Perish, The
  128. Heavens Declare Thy Glory, The
  129. Herald the Gospel
  130. Heralds of Christ
  131. Heralds of Jesus
  132. Heralds of Light
  133. Here Am I, Send Me
  134. Homes Are God’s Purest Shrines
  135. Hosts of God Go Forth to Battle
  136. How Beauteous Are Their Feet
  137. How Long Must We Wait?
  138. How Many Things Combine to Show
  139. How Sweet and Awesome Is This Place
  140. How Sweetly the Morn of the Sabbath Arose
  141. How Wondrous and Great Thy Works
  142. I Cannot Be Idle
  143. I Hear Ten Thousand Voices Singing
  144. If Jesus Goes with Me
  145. I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go
  146. In Lands Across the Sea
  147. In Pity to a Dying World
  148. In the Vineyard of Our Father
  149. It Must Be Told
  150. I’ve Been Waiting for You
  151. Jesus, Immortal King, Arise
  152. Jesus, the Cause Belongs to Thee
  153. Kingdom Is Coming, The
  154. King’s Call, The
  155. Last Command, The
  156. Launch Out
  157. Lend a Hand
  158. Let All on Earth Their Voices Raise
  159. Let All the World in Every Corner Sing
  160. Let the Christ That Is Living Reign over All
  161. Lift the Cross
  162. Let the Gospel Trumpet Sound
  163. Let the Song Go Round the Earth
  164. Let Us Send the Gospel Message
  165. Lift the Gospel Banner
  166. Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Gates of Brass
  167. Little Bit of Love, A
  168. Little Gleaner’s Band
  169. Little Missionary (Butterworth), The
  170. Little Missionary (Murray), The
  171. Lo! the Golden Fields Are Smiling
  172. Long Sunk in Superstition’s Night
  173. Look Up! Behold, the Fields Are White
  174. Lord, a Savior’s Love Displaying
  175. Lord God of Hosts, Whose Purpose, Never Swerving
  176. Lord, Her Watch Thy Church Is Keeping
  177. Lord, if at Thy Command
  178. Lord Jesus, Blessèd Giver
  179. Lord Jesus, with Thy Presence Bless
  180. Lord of All Power and Might
  181. Lord of Light, Whose Name Outshineth
  182. Lord of the Harvest! It Is Right and Meet
  183. Lord of the Gospel Harvest
  184. Lord of the Living Harvest
  185. Lord Over All, If Thou Hast Made
  186. Lord, Send Me
  187. Lord, Send Us Forth
  188. Lord, Thy Ransomed Church Is Waking
  189. Lord, When Wilt Thou Extend Thy Sway?
  190. Lord, You Give the Great Commission
  191. Loyalty to Christ
  192. Loyalty unto Christ
  193. Macedonia
  194. Make Christ King
  195. Make Him Known
  196. Master Comes! He Calls for Thee, The
  197. May God Bestow on Us His Grace
  198. Men of God, Go Take Your Stations
  199. Merry Missionaries
  200. Message Bearers, The
  201. Mighty Lord, Extend Thy Kingdom
  202. Mission War Song
  203. Missionary Cry, A
  204. Missionary Hymn
  205. Missionary Marseillaise, The
  206. Missionary Prayer Hymn
  207. Missionary Triumph, The
  208. Missionary’s Farewell
  209. Morning Light Is Breaking, The
  210. Move Forward
  211. My Dearest, Lovely, Native Land
  212. No King but Christ
  213. No Other Story
  214. Now Be the Gospel Banner
  215. Now Let Our Faith with Joy Survey
  216. Now the Lord Our Souls Has Fed
  217. O Christ, Our True and Only Light
  218. O Church of God, Arise!
  219. O Cry Aloud and Spare Not
  220. O Father, Thy Kingdom Is Come upon Earth
  221. O God, Be Merciful and Bless
  222. O God of Truth
  223. O God, to Us Show Mercy
  224. O God, We Pray for All Mankind
  225. O Great God of Nations
  226. O Hear Them Marching, Marching
  227. O King of Glory
  228. O Lord Our God, Arise
  229. O Lord! Thy Ancient Churches Spare
  230. O Son of God, Our Captain of Salvation
  231. O Spirit of the Living God
  232. O Where Are the Reapers?
  233. O Zion, Haste
  234. O’er Continent and Ocean
  235. O’er Hoarse Atlantic’s Wave
  236. O’er the Gloomy Hills of Darkness
  237. O’er the Realms of Pagan Darkness
  238. Oft Has My Youthful Mind Been Led
  239. Oh, Charge the Waves to Bear Our Friends
  240. Oh, Send the Bible
  241. On the Wings of the Morn
  242. Once Again, Dear Lord, We Pray
  243. Only a Messenger
  244. Onward, Onward, Men of Heaven
  245. Onward Speed Thy Conquering Flight
  246. Open Bible for the World, An
  247. Orders from the King
  248. Our Cities Cry to You, O God
  249. Our Mission Field at Home
  250. Our Pilgrim Brethren, Dwelling Far
  251. Our Savior’s Voice Is Soft and Sweet
  252. Over the Ocean Wave
  253. Over the Rolling Sea
  254. Over There
  255. Patiently Waiting
  256. Perishing Millions, The
  257. Perishing World, The
  258. Persia
  259. Plaintive Plea, A
  260. Praise the Savior, All Ye Nations
  261. Preach the Gospel
  262. Prophetic Era! Blissful Day!
  263. Raise, Raise the Ensign
  264. Regions Beyond, The
  265. Remember All the People
  266. Rise, Thou Light of Gentile Nations
  267. Roll On, Thou Mighty Ocean
  268. Salvation for Africa
  269. Save, Oh, Save!
  270. Savior, Let Thy Gospel Light
  271. Savior, Sprinkle Many Nations
  272. Savior, Who Thy Life Didst Give
  273. Scatter Golden Grain
  274. Send Forth the Gospel!
  275. See How Great a Flame Aspires
  276. Send Me
  277. Send Out the Sunlight
  278. Send the Gospel Light
  279. Send the Light (Barrows)
  280. Send the Light (Bell)
  281. Send the Light (Gabriel)
  282. Send Them, O Lord
  283. Send Thou, O Lord, to Every Place
  284. Send Us the Light
  285. Shine on Me, O Lord Jesus!
  286. Shining for Jesus (Brown)
  287. Shout the Tidings (Brown)
  288. Shout the Tidings (Chute)
  289. Shout the Tidings of Salvation
  290. Sing to the Lord, Ye Distant Lands
  291. Singing for Jesus! Praising His Name!
  292. Soldiers of the Cross, Arise!
  293. Someone Must Tell the Glad Story
  294. Someone Shall Go
  295. Songs Anew of Honor Framing
  296. Souls in Heathen Darkness Lying
  297. Sound, Sound the Truth Abroad
  298. Sound Ye the Trumpet Call
  299. Southern Cross, The
  300. Sovereign of Worlds! Display Thy Power
  301. Sow the Seed Beside All Waters
  302. Speak, My Lord
  303. Speed Away
  304. Speed the Gospel On
  305. Speed the Light (Bradley)
  306. Speed the Light (Hoffman)
  307. Speed Thy Servants, Savior
  308. Spread, O Spread, Thou Mighty Word
  309. Stand Up for Jesus, Christian
  310. Strike the Harp of Zion
  311. Sun Is Sinking o’er the Mountains Far, The
  312. Sword of the Lord and of Gideon (Thwaites), The
  313. Take the World for Jesus
  314. Tell It Out (Kirkland)
  315. Tell It Out (Havergal)
  316. Tell Out the Wonderful Story
  317. Tell the Blessèd Story (Gardner)
  318. Tell the Blessèd Story (Lillenas)
  319. Tell the Blessèd Tidings
  320. Tell the Story
  321. Tell the Whole Wide World
  322. Tender Light of Home Behind, The
  323. There Is Work for Me to Do
  324. There’s Only One Way
  325. They Have Gone to the Land
  326. This Is the Word of Truth and Love
  327. This Wide World for Jesus
  328. Thou, the Christ Forever One
  329. Thou, Whose Almighty Word
  330. Through Midnight Gloom from Macedon
  331. Thy Brother Calls to Thee
  332. Thy Kingdom Come
  333. Thy Kingdom Come! O Father, Hear Our Prayer
  334. Thy Kingdom Come, O God
  335. To the Harvest Field
  336. To Work!
  337. Touch of His Tender Hand, The
  338. Trumpet of God, Sound High
  339. ’Twas the Commission of Our Lord
  340. Unchanging God, Hear from Eternal Heav’n
  341. Upon the Gospel’s Sacred Page
  342. Victory (Mack)
  343. Waiting Isles, The
  344. Wake, Isles of the South!
  345. Watchman, Blow the Gospel Trumpet
  346. Watchmen! Onward to Your Stations
  347. We Are but a Band of Children
  348. We Are Living, We Are Dwelling
  349. We Hail the Rising Day Star
  350. We Have Heard the Joyful News
  351. We Praise Thy Name, All-Holy Lord
  352. We Rest on Thee
  353. We Rise to Praise Thee
  354. We Will Follow Jesus (Tullar)
  355. We’ll Girdle the Globe
  356. We’ve a Story to Tell to the Nations
  357. What Can I Do?
  358. When the Harvest Comes
  359. Where the Fight Is Hardest
  360. Who but Thou, Almighty Spirit?
  361. Who Is My Neighbor?
  362. Who Is on the Lord’s Side?
  363. Who Will Go?
  364. Who Will Send or Go?
  365. Who Will Volunteer?
  366. Whole Wide World for Jesus (Hammond), The
  367. Whole Wide World for Jesus (Johnson), The
  368. Whole World Needs Jesus, The
  369. Whom Oceans Part, O Lord, Unite
  370. Whosoever Will
  371. Will You Let Them Die?
  372. Will You Miss Me?
  373. Win the World for Christ
  374. Winter Reigns o’er Many a Region
  375. With the Sweet Word of Peace
  376. With Thine Own Pity, Savior, See
  377. Woman’s Hymn, The
  378. Work Must Go On, The
  379. World for God, The
  380. World for the Lord, The
  381. World Must Be Taken, The
  382. Ye Christian Heralds, Go Proclaim
  383. Ye Heralds of Jesus
  384. Ye Messengers of Christ
  385. Ye Neighbors and Friends of Jesus
  386. Ye Shall Be My Witnesses
  387. Yes, My Native Land, I Love Thee
  388. Yes! We Trust the Day Is Breaking
  389. Your Own
  390. Zion, Founded on the Mountains
  391. Zion’s King Shall Reign Victorious