Scripture Verse

Come over…and help us. Acts 16:9


Words & Mu­sic: Al­bert B. Simp­son, Hymns of the Chris­tian Life No. 3 (New York: Al­li­ance Press, 1904), num­ber 160 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Albert B. Simpson


Go to all the world and preach the Gospel,
Was the last commandment of the Master;
And the answer comes from every nation:
We are dying, send the Gospel faster.


Faster, faster, faster!
Hear their pleading cry;
Save them from disaster,
Help them ere they die;
Who will answer, Master, send me;
Here am I, send me.

As men swiftly fly on wings of mercy
When some tidings come of dire disaster;
So, before a thousand millions perish,
Let us haste to send the Gospel faster.


Oh, how much we spend for earthly trifles,
And neglect the need that’s so much vaster;
Wake us, Master, from our guilty trifling;
Help us send the Gospel faster, faster.