Scripture Verse

Come over…and help us. Acts 16:9


Isaiah Baltzell (1832–1893)

Words & Mu­sic: Is­ai­ah Balt­zell, Gold­en Songs (Day­ton, Ohio: Unit­ed Breth­ren Print­ing Es­tab­lish­ment, 1874), num­ber 106 (🔊 pdf nwc).


Good news comes o’er the sea,
And tells of vic­to­ry there;
The heathen bow the knee,
In humble, fervent prayer;
Long waited we to hear
The glo­ri­ous tidings come,
Proclaiming vic­to­ry there,
Where darkness reigned alone.


Rejoice, rejoice,
Good news comes o’er the sea;
Rejoice, rejoice,
Good news comes o’er the sea;

The glo­ri­ous Gos­pel light,
In splendor shines today,
Where naught but darkest night
Fell on the heathen’s way.
Brave Christians heard the cry
That came across the sea,
“Come, help us, ere we die,
Come, help us to be free.”


They bade adieu to home,
To friends and loved ones dear;
They crossed the ocean’s foam,
They landed safely there.
They raised the banner bright
On Afric’s hostile shore,
The heathen saw a light,
Where darkness reigned before.


Oh, see them coming home!
The poor, degraded race!
The Mas­ter bids them come
To seek His saving grace.
At Je­sus’ feet they fall;
To Heav’n they lift their cry;
He hears their simple call—
He saves them ere they die.


Awake! the sun is high;
The Mas­ter’s calling you!
Why stand ye idly by?
There’s work for you to do!
Your treasures, prayers and tears,
Go, lay at Je­sus’ feet;
And soon we’ll sing the song
Of vic­to­ry complete.