Scripture Verse

Come over to Macedonia and help us. Acts 16:9


Barney E. Warren (1867–1951)

Words: Will­iam G. Schell & Bar­ney War­ren (re­frain), in Se­lect Hymns, by Bar­ney War­ren, An­drew L. By­ers & Cla­ra M. Brooks (An­der­son, In­di­ana: Gos­pel Trum­pet Pub­lish­ing, 1911), num­ber 114, alt.

Music: Bar­ney E. War­ren (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know where to get bet­ter pho­to of Schell,

William G. Schell (1869–1940)


Long have they waited
In the dark heathen lands
For the pure living water
From the dear Sav­ior’s hands;
Still they are waiting
For the Gos­pel to come:
Let us hasten to tell them
Of our heavenly home.


Hark! hear them calling
From every dark land;
Who will obey
The dear Sav­ior’s command?
Go with the Gos­pel,
The rough billows brave,
And lead them to Je­sus,
Who only can save.

Long have they waited
For the pure living Word,
Since the Gos­pel of Hea­ven
Was proclaimed by the Lord;
Teach every nation,
Our Re­deem­er’s command,
Yet we have not enlightened
Every dark heathen land.


Patiently waiting
For the heavenly light,
Precious souls still are sleeping
In a dark, sinful night;
Pity them, brother,
Oh, how great is their need!
They have no one to teach them,
And no Bi­ble to read.


Long have they waited,
Over two thousand years;
Still we leave them in darkness
And in dread sinful fears;
Where is the worker
Who will leave friends and home,
To deliver poor heathens
From the wrath that’s to come?