October 9, 1882, Parke County, Indiana.

March 20, 1980, Tampa, Florida.

Myrtle Hill Memorial Park, Tampa, Florida.

Brooks was the daughter of Martin VanBuren McAlister and Angeline Garrigus McAlister, and wife of Hiram A. Brooks. Her works include:

  1. Adoration
  2. All the Way
  3. Anchored
  4. Arise, He Calleth Thee
  5. Balm in Gilead
  6. Beneath the Wave
  7. Blessing of Prayer, The
  8. Bliss of Canaan, The
  9. Bride of Christ, The
  10. By Faith and Not by Sight
  11. Call to Prayer, A
  12. Cheer Another
  13. Children, Obey Your Parents
  14. Darkly the Night Hideth from Sight
  15. Debt We Owe, The
  16. Do We Well?
  17. Draw Me Closer to Thee
  18. Faith Will Conquer
  19. Fruit-Bearing
  20. Grace of God, The
  21. Grace of Humility, The
  22. Guide Me
  23. Guide Thou Me
  24. He Keepeth Me in Peace
  25. He Knows and He Hears
  26. Healing Touch, The
  27. Hear the Cry
  28. Hearts Like Thine
  29. Heralds of Truth
  30. Hold Your Lighted Torch on High
  31. Holiness unto the Lord
  32. Holy Spirit, Be My Guide
  33. I Am His Child
  34. I Will Trust Thee, Loving Savior
  35. In the Shadow of the Cross
  36. Infinite Love
  37. Jesus Healeth All
  38. Jesus Is Risen, the Angels Say
  39. Jesus, the Savior
  40. Little Travelers
  41. Millions Are Perishing over the Sea
  42. Mount of Victory, The
  43. My Soul’s Need
  44. Name of Jesus, The
  45. Nearer the Lord
  46. Not Dead, but Sleeping
  47. Now the Shadows of the Evening
  48. O Love Divine
  49. Oh, Put on Thy Beautiful Garments
  50. One in Christ
  51. Only Jesus Satisfies
  52. Our Example
  53. Our Glad Thanksgiving
  54. Perishing World, The (arranger)
  55. Plaintive Plea, A
  56. Pray Till the Answer Comes
  57. Save, Oh!, Save!
  58. Scatter the Gospel Seed
  59. Sing His Praise
  60. Sink Me Deeper
  61. Softly Whisper, Jesus Loves You
  62. Someday, When God’s Sweet Spirit
  63. There Is a Balm in Gilead
  64. Thy Will Be Done
  65. ’Tis So Sweet
  66. To Know That He Knows
  67. Touch of His Tender Hand, The
  68. Virtue of Faith, The
  69. Watch unto Prayer
  70. We’ll Meet Again
  71. What a Mighty God We Serve!
  72. Word of God, The