Scripture Verse

The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few. Luke 10:2


Words & Mu­sic: Jes­se A. Bar­ney, 1913 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Jesse A. Barney (1889–1979)


Hark! I hear a sound from o’er the wa­ter,
’Tis the cry of ang­uish and des­pair;
’Tis the cry of pre­cious souls in dark­ness,
While wait­ing for the light of Je­sus, there;
Hear the idle la­bor­ers near us say­ing,
Master, what wilt Thou have me to do?
The har­vest now is great, oh! haste, my bro­ther,
The reap­ers few.


Who will go? Who will go?
To the ends of the earth,
Hast thou a pass­ion for the lost?
Dost thou real­ize what a soul is worth?
Who will go? Who will go?
Tell of Je­sus’ death up­on the tree?
Oh! who will an­swer quick­ly,
Here am I, O Lord, send me?

Will you go and tell them of a Sav­ior?
Tell them how He suf­fered on the tree?
Will you give your ve­ry life to save them?
And tell them Je­sus came to set them free?
Will you take the way, en­dure the suf­fer­ing?
Finding in the cross your on­ly rest?
For suf­fer­ing here with Je­sus brings the glo­ry,
His ways are best.


We will fol­low, we will fol­low Je­sus,
Willingly and glad­ly we’ll ob­ey,
He will ne­ver leave us nor for­sake us,
He is our friend, our com­fort­er and stay.
Though He lead us o’er the bri­ny ocean,
Though He lead us o’er the san­dy plain,
We still will trust in Je­sus Christ our Sav­ior,
Oh! praise His name.


After we’ve re­ceived the Spir­it’s full­ness,
Filling all our hearts with love di­vine,
We’re to wit­ness to the bless­èd Gos­pel,
In ev­ery na­tion, coun­try, land and clime,
When we give the Gos­pel as a wit­ness
Unto ev­ery people far and near,
With light­ning flash, we’ll see in clouds of glo­ry
The King ap­pear.