Scripture Verse

Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest. John 4:35


Words: Mrs. Vokes, 1797, alt. Re­flec­ting the hymn’s Bri­tish or­ig­in, the last two lines of the fifth stan­za were orig­in­al­ly Till north and south, and east and west, Shall be, as fa­voured Bri­tain, blest.

Music: Ux­bridge Lo­well Ma­son, 1830 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Lowell Mason


Behold the expected time draw near,
The shades disperse, the dawn appear;
Behold the wilderness assume
The beauteous tints of Eden’s bloom.

Events, with prophecies, conspire
To raise our faith, our zeal to fire:
The ripening fields, already white,
Present a harvest to our sight.

The untaught heathen waits to know
The joy the Gospel will bestow;
The exiled slave waits to receive
The freedom Jesus has to give.

Come let us, with a grateful heart,
In the blest labor share a part,
Our prayers and offerings gladly bring
To aid the triumphs of our king.

Let us improve the heavenly gale,
Spread to each breeze our hoisted sail,
Till north and south, and west and east,
Shall share the blessèd Gospel feast.

Invite the globe to come and prove
A Savior’s condescending love,
And humbly fall before His feet,
Assured they shall acceptance meet.

Our hearts exult in songs of praise,
That we have seen these latter days,
When our Redeemer shall be known
Where Satan long hath held his throne.

Where’er God’s hand hath spread the skies,
Sweet incense to His name shall rise;
And Tyre, and Egypt, Greek and Jew,
By sovereign grace be formed anew.