Scripture Verse

The Lord is king forever and ever.@Psalm 10:16

Words & Music: Ro­bert Mat­thews, 1911 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Robert Matthews

Hark to the call of the New Crusade,
Christ over all will king be made;
Out to the world let the challenge ring:
Make Christ king!


Hail to the King of kings! Triumphant Redeemer!
On march the soldiers of the New Crusade.
This is the battle cry: Christ made the king!
And to our sov’reign we allegiance bring;
Prince, guide and counselor He shall be.
Carry the standard to victory!
Hail to the call of the New Crusade:
Make Christ king!

Strong is the foe of the New Crusade,
Sin in its armor is well arrayed;
Into the fight we our best must fling:
Make Christ king!


Come, in His name join the pilgrim throng,
Stand for the right, and down the wrong;
Glory to god, let the chorus sing,
Make Christ king!